If you have an issue with your AHO report, the first two sources you should review are:

These are crucial in order to run the report successfully. The following outlines some common questions received.

A dwelling is missing from our report - it's not in ChintaroPlease review Adding a New Property for assistance with this. You will need to couple it with the steps outlined in Preparing Chintaro for running the NSW AHO Report

A dwelling is missing from our report - it is in Chintaro

First thing to check, does this property have a AHO ID? This should be provided by the AHO, its flags which properties fall under the AHO umbrella

Once we've confirmed there is a Dwelling ID for the property we need to confirm the property has a Program Type (note this is different from Tenancy programs!):

Lastly, we want to make sure we're including this Program type in our AHO report. We do this by selecting the program(s) you wish to report on. Holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard and click will allow you to select multiple program

A dwelling is in the report that shouldn't beWe'll want to reverse the above. Either exclude the Property Program from the report (by not highlighting it), remove the property program or remove the AHO Dwelling ID. Which one is most appropriate will differ in each circumstance. Contact support if you need clarification.
I need to remove the dwelling completely from ChintaroWe have a step by step guide on how to do that here - How to remove a Property in Chintaro