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Generally, the best place to export data from within Chintaro is from the Manage screens, where you can crate your own customised reports using the Saved View feature, but if you want a standard export, you can use this solution. This solution details:

Creating a standard export from Chintaro

To access the Reports screen, from the Home screen, click Reports and Exports, then click Exports. The Exports screen will open, showing the categories of exports to choose from:

Click an Export Category and the list of reports you can choose from appears:

From the list, single click on the report that you want to view. This will open the Included Fields, File Save information and a User Description:


The User Overview is designed for you to enter information about the report that is useful to your organisation (EG Use for End of Month Reports).

Depending on the export you select, various Select Criteria may appear in the bottom section of the screen. Select as necessary:

If you leave a field in the Report Criteria blank, Chintaro will assume that you want to view all records on the report

Most of the time, you will just want to open the export in Microsoft Excel immediately. If this is the case, click Open in Excel Now. If you wish to save the export, enter a File Name and Location, select the output format and click Export to File.

If you would like assistance in finding a specific export, please contact Chintaro by emailing

Commonly used Exports

 All Clients Currently HousedExport showing all Clients (Primary Tenant and Related Tenants) currently housed within your Organisations rooms.
Client Table (Complete)Export that includes most fields from the Client Screen including Housing History, Next of Kin(s), Income Details, Tags and Alerts.
 FHL Tenancy BondExport showing Bond details of both Active (Current) and Vacated Tenants and includes Bond Amount, Bond Loan identification codes, and refund details.
Tenancy Activity for a PeriodExport showing Tenant’s opening balance, payments, charges and closing balance for a specified period of time. Ability to filter the export by a particular Program, Tenancy Manager and date range. 
Tenancy Balances (As At Date / EOM) FoundationExport showing Tenant’s balances at a specified date. Columns include current rent and non-rent charges, rent balance, non-rent balance, total balance, arrears since date, date of last payment and other Tenancy information.
Tenancy Transactions ExportsVariety of exports regarding Tenancy Transactions.
Transactions (Bank)Export showing all transactions imported in to your bank accounts, including Transaction Date, Amount, Program, and splits (Amount and Type). Ability to filter by Bank Account, Payment Book ID, Program and Region.
Vacancies – HPF (By Report Date by Room)Export that shows each Room, Property Type, Program and days Occupied, Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable. Ability to filter export by Period Start and End Dates. No Tenant information.
FHL Property Maintenance KPI’sExport showing every Maintenance Task created within a specified time and includes (but not limited to) number of days’ gap between Reported Start – Scheduled Start Dates, Scheduled Start – Actual Start Dates, Estimated – Actual Cost gaps.
Inventory DetailsExport showing all Inventory Items at all Properties and includes information such as Serial Number, Purchase Date and Price, Make/Model/Supplier and Warranty Expiry.
Property CompleteExport that includes most fields from the Property screen.
Property MaintenanceExport that shows all Maintenance Tasks created in a specified time frame. Ability to filter export by Tradespeople/Property Manager.
Room Status Detail – HPF (Date Range) *You must have run the Occupancy Calculation for the period before running this export*.Export showing Room Status (Occupied/Vacant Tenantable/Vacant Untenantable) of all Rooms within a specified time frame.
Vacancy ReportExport to show all Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable Rooms as at today.
 Arrears Balances (As At Today)Export showing all Tenant’s (active and Vacated) arrears balances, as at today’s date.
Current Rents & Fees (Weekly or Fortnightly)Export showing all Active Tenant’s current weekly or fortnightly rent, other charges, Market Rent and Program.
FHL Occupancy
*You must have run the Occupancy Calculation for the period before running this export*.
Export showing all Tenants in a Room within a specified time frame, including number of days Occupied, Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable and Start and End dates of each Tenancy.
NAHA Data CompleteExport that should be run before running the NAHA Report to show gaps in information used in the report.
Tenancy (Active With Current Rent)Export showing all Active Tenants with many fields relating to Client information (including Next of Kin, Incomes, Centrelink Information) and Tenancy Information (including Current Rent, Rent Paid To and Rent Calculated To dates).
Tenancy Activity for PeriodExport showing all current Tenant’s Opening Balance as at a specified date, charges and payments within the period of time and end balance (at a specified date).
Tenancy Balances (As At Date / EOM)Export showing balances of all Tenants (both Active and Vacated) broken down in to CR, DR and Amount, as at a specified date. Ability to filter by Tenancy Status, Property or Tenancy Manager and Region.
Tenancy Balances Non Rent Only (Arrangements)Export showing balances of all payment Arrangements and Splits for all Tenants as at a specified date. Includes Arrangement/Split type and weekly/fortnightly payment amount.
Tenancy Balances Trend Last 12 MonthsExport showing Tenant’s balances at a specified date for the previous 12 months. Useful for seeing trends in payments.
Transactions (Tenancy)Export showing all transactions in a specified time frame. Includes transaction date, amount, comments, Tenancy Status, Region and Tenancy Manager. Ability to filter export by select criteria such as Transaction Type, Program and Region.
Transaction SummaryExport showing summary of all transactions for all Rooms in a specified time frame.
YCH-B OPI Active Tenancies During a PeriodExport showing the number of Tenancies created in a period of time (EG Calendar/Financial year/Month). Includes information such as Tenancy Days, Tenancy Years, Age Group and many fields from the Client screen.
YCH-D OPI Tenancies That Ended During a PeriodExport to show the number of Tenancies that ended during a specified time frame. Includes information such as Tenancy Days, Tenancy Years, Age Group and many fields from the Client screen.
 Waiting List PPHAExport showing Clients on the Waiting List and includes Waiting List Types, Preferences, Household Type, Age Group and Income. Ability to filter by Date Entered. 

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