Organisations who have Tenancy Leases within a Tenancy Agreement can record the lease details in Chintaro.

Adding a new Tenancy Lease to a Tenancy Screen


From the Home Screen, click Tenancies, then Manage Tenancies and search for the Tenant with the lease details you want to add. Double click their row to open their Tenancy Screen.

On the Tenancy screen, click Lease Details:

Select the Tenant's surname from the Tenant drop down list. Select the Lease Type (If your Lease Types are not set up, or you need to add a new Lease Type, go to the Home Screen> System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Lease Type):

Enter the lease start date in the From field, and the lease end date in the To field (These date fields tell the Days field how many days the lease is for, in a field covered later). Replicate the same dates in the Lease From and Lease To date fields (EG Lease From 1/3/17 - Lease To 1/3/18):

Use the scroll bar down the bottom of the screen to move the Lease Details columns to the right to continue entering information:

Select the Frequency of payment for the Tenant:

NOTE: This will not affect your Tenant's payments in any way. It is just an advice. 

If this is a periodic Tenancy Lease, tick the Periodic box:

The number of days the lease covers will appear in the Days column (taken from the From and To dates you entered previously).

Repeat all steps for all Tenants with a Tenancy Lease. 

Tenancy Lease Reports and Exports

Once you've entered your Tenancy Lease details in each individual Tenancy, there are several Reports and Exports you can produce to show lease expiry dates. 


From the Home Screen, go in to Reports and Exports, then Reports and Tenancies. Select either the Lease Due (By Program) or Lease Expiry:

Use the Select Criteria at the bottom of the Report menu to filter the report by Lease Start/Lease End dates, and click Preview to view the selected Report:


From the Home Screen, go in to Reports and Exports, then Exports and Tenancies. Select the Lease Details export:

Change the Lease To dates in the Select Criteria, and click Open In Excel Now to open an Excel Spreadsheet with lease data: