Running the Occupancy Calculation (to calculate Occupancy/Vacancy of Rooms)

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The Occupancy Calculation function is used to calculate occupancy and vacancy rates of Rooms that is used to produce statistical reports. The Occupancy Calculation function will calculate how many days were in the period selected, the occupancy and vacancy rates for each Room for the selected days, and calculate how many days each Room was Vacant Tenantable, Vacant Untenantable and Occupied. The Occupancy Calculation needs to be run to produce a number of different reports in the system, such as the NAHA or Data Collection Report and other statutory reports.

The Occupancy Calculation is often run in the middle of the month, for the entire previous month (EG Run the Calculation in the middle of January for the previous December 01/12 - 31/12). It is recommended that you run the Occupancy Calculation for 1 month at a time, because it can take some time to run depending on how much data you have in the system.

Running the Occupancy Calculation

To run the Occupancy Calculation, from the Reports and Exports Sub-Menu, click Occupancy Calculation and the Occupancy Calculation screen will open:

The left hand side of the screen will display all previous calculations that have been run in the exiting calculations section.


   Calculation Date: the date the calculation was run 


   Start Date and End Date: The period of time the calculation was run for

   Num Days: The number of days in the calculation period

The right hand side of the screen is used for new calculations. To run a new calculation, enter a calculation date, or leave it as the default of today’s date.

Enter the Calculation Start Date and the Calculation End Date for the period you want to calculate.

Dates can overlap, but you shouldn’t put in a future date because nothing can be calculated in the future. Click and the calculating will begin and the Processing Status will update:

Chintaro will advise you when the calculation is complete:

The Calculation will be visible in the Existing Calculations section of the screen. 
NOTE: Often, the Occupancy Calculation will take some time to run depending on how much data you have in the system. If you have run the Occupancy Calculation for a period, and you have gone back to change the vacancy/occupancy details of Tenants in that period, you must run the Occupancy Calculation again for that period. 

Reports and Exports that can be run after you have run the Occupancy Calculation

You are able to run several occupancy/vacancy exports and reports after you have completed the Occupancy Calculation for the period:


Vacancies – HPF (By Report Date by Room)
Export that shows each Room, Property Type, Program and days Occupied, Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable. Ability to filter export by Period Start and End Dates. No Tenant information.

Room Status Detail – HPF (Date Range) 
Export showing Room Status (Occupied/Vacant Tenantable/Vacant Untenantable) of all Rooms within a specified time frame.
Vacancy Report
Export to show all Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable Rooms as at today.


FHL Occupancy
Export showing all Tenants in a Room within a specified time frame, including number of days Occupied, Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable and Start and End dates of each Tenancy.


Room Status – HPF (By Date)
The best report to run to show occupancy/vacancy rates. Report shows the status of Rooms (Occupied/Vacant Tenantable/Vacant Untenantable) in percentages by Property.
Vacant Rooms
Report showing all Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable Rooms as at today. Includes percentages and number of days Untenantable.

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