Reports - NAHA/AIHW Data Collection Report (AUS)

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  • Before running the NAHA/ Data Collection Report, you must copy the 2023 template into your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder and update your version of Chintaro. If you are a Chintaro Cloud user, you do not need to do this - Support have updated your version and added the template to your Data\Templates folder. 
  • There is one template for Queensland Users (in NAHA23QLD.xlsx) and a different template for all other states and territories (in NAHA23.xlsx)

There is one template for Queensland Users (NAHA23QLD.xlsx ) and a different template for all other states and territories (NAHA23.xlsx)

Download the template, save the template into your Chintaro/Data/Templates folder.

Update Chintaro to the latest version (Non- Chintaro Cloud Users Only)

After you have copied the templates (attached) to your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder, you will need to ensure that your version of Chintaro is updated.

For Access users, click this link.

For SQLx users, click this link.

If you would like further assistance updating, please ask your IT to help you, or contact to schedule a meeting.

Set the options for running the NAHA 2023 Report

To run the NAHA AIHW Data Collection report, from the Home Screen, click Reports and Exports > NAHA/Data Collection Report and the 2023 NAHA (AIHW) Annual Data Collection Report screen will open:

The following table explains the fields and what to select for populating the report:

Start of Financial Year Date & End of Financial Year Date Will default to the reporting period required. 
Output FolderThe location you would like to save the report to.
Output File NameThe name you would like to save the NAHA Report as (this will default to NAHAReport).
Report Program FilterSelect the Program(s) that you want to report on from the Report Program Filter box from the multi select box. If you do not select any Programs in the Report Program Filter box, Chintaro will assume you want to report on all Programs listed.
Does your weekly rent figure include Commonwealth Rent Assistance? If your weekly rent figure includes the Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA), tick this box. Otherwise, leave blank. 
Does your income figure include Commonwealth Rent Assistance?If your clients incomes include Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) tick this box. Otherwise, leave blank.
Commonwealth Rent Assistance Tick the option appropriate for calculating CRA on the report. 
Use ISIP/ CPG / UPI as the Property ID?If you use the ISIP, CPG or UPI numbers for your properties (state dependant), tick this box. Otherwise, leave blank and Chintaro will populate the Chintaro Property ID as the unique number in the field.

Occupancy Calculation Warning

The NAHA/Data Collection Report will only run if you have completed the Occupancy Calculation for the entire financial year. 

If you have not run the Occupancy Calculation for the entire financial year, you will see a warning on the right hand side of the screen:

You will also see the periods that you have run the report for in the box below this message. You will need to exit this screen and run the Occupancy Calculation for the periods you have not yet run the calculation for. Click here to view the solution for the Occupancy Calculation. 

Once you have run the Occupancy Calculation for the entire financial year, the Occupancy Calculation warning will disappear. 

Exporting the NAHA Data Collection Report 

There are 2 options on the screen for when you are ready to run the report. 

1.) The first option is to create files to export in CSV format. Click Create Report (Files):

If you choose the files option, 4 csv files containing the data will be saved to the location you selected in the Output Folder.

Instead of using coloured cells to show you potential discrepancies, a validator will alert you to any data that your need to check before submitting your report. For further information, check the information sent to you by the AIHW for Validata or contact 

2.) The second option is to populate the data from Chintaro into the NAHA Survey Tool template. To create the NAHA Report using the NAHA Template, click Create Report (xls):


You will see the data from Chintaro auto-populating each line in the report. To open your report, go to the output folder you selected on the left hand side and open the report.

Please note: There are known issues with the 2023 reporting template's dates showing incorrect errors. The preference for the AIHW is that you create the report in file format and run it through the Validata system before submitting. Please contact for more information. 

Interpreting the data on the NAHA Report

Please see the following solution for Preparing Chintaro for the NAHA Report for a detailed explanation of where the data is pulled from Chintaro for the NAHA report.

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