What's new in 6.1.21

Modified on Tue, 01 May 2018 at 05:34 PM

2017 NAHA Reporting Templates: The 2017 NAHA Reporting templates are included in the patch release zipped file:

The NAHA2017.xls template is used by Australian States except Victoria, and NAHAVic.xls is used by Victorian Chintaro Users only. Paste the applicable template in your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Data\Templates folder to run the NAHA Report. Click here to see how to run the NAHA/Data Collection Report

Renewal SA Quarterly Data Return Report: Report changed for South Australian Chintaro Users. To run this report, from the Home Screen> Reports and Exports> SA Reports> Renewal SA Quarterly Data: (Click here to see how to run the Renewal SA Quarterly Data Return Report)

CHAFR Report added: CHAFR Report added.

New Tencia General Ledger export available: Tencia export available in Finance> General Ledger exports> Export Transactions GL:

5 new Tenancy Reports for ComCare Trust (NZ): New Tenancy reports available in Reports and Exports> Reports> Tenancies:

  • Emergency Housing
  • Occupancy Data
  • Tenancy Movement
  • Tenancy Movement (By Month)
  • Turnover Data

2 new Tenancy Reports for THM Providers: New Tenancy reports available in Reports and Exports> Reports> Tenancies:

  • THM Continuation - Active
  • THM Continuation - Vacated

Both Reports can be filtered by Program, and are usually run as at 31/3 ( this date can be changed manually if you would like to run the report at a different date):

After running report, functions to open the data in MS Excel, Text File, PDF/XPS, or attach to an email:

Reported Date field added to Property Maintenance Export: Reported Date field added to Reports and Exports> Exports> Property and Maintenance> Property Maintenance:

Maintenance Task change - when an email is sent, status changes to "In Progress" and Property Note created: When creating a Maintenance Task, the status defaults to "Created". When clicking "Send Work Order To" the status changes to "In Progress" and a note will be created with the Action and Tradesperson in the Note Title, and the Instructions field in the Note Body:


Additional Bank Format ID added: Chintaro now includes Bank Format ID of NAB Connect Narrative CSV:

Add this Bank Format ID through System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Bank Account.

Added a new Report for Salvos Southern Region:

Patch Releases

Date: 14 July 2017

Enhancement: Bulletin Messenger added to SMS providers

Date: 20 July 2017

EnhancementNote Body added to Manage Client Notes Screen

Enhancement: Comments field added to "All Clients Currently Housed" Export

Date: 21 July 2017

Fix: Added to send the Client Note from a Tenancy Email to the correct Client

Date: 24 July 2017

Enhancement: AIHW files can now be created via the NAHA report screen.

Date: 25 July 2017

Fix: Transaction Types now correctly allocated on "smart" splitting

Date: 26 July 2017

Fix: NAHA AIHW Person File

Fix: Invalid use of null error in Bulk Email

Enhancement: Added Note Type and Program filters to Client Note Summary report

Date: 27 July 2017

Fix: Manage Tenancy & Bond Transaction screen no longer shows multiple bond transactions

Fix: ANZ NZ Bank Import

Enhancement: Added the Match field to the Multi Bank Import form

Date: 28 July 2017

Fix: NAHA csv files error

Fix: Debenture Property register spreadsheet change

Enhancement: Added Export function to the Multi Bank Import form

Date: 2 August 2017

Fix: Property Screen not showing Rooms on open

Enhancement: Added Preferred Tradespeople to Property Form

Enhancement: Added NRAS Date field to Property Form

Enhancement: Added Strata Company name to Manage Properties & Export

Enhancement: Added new Export for Rent & Non-Rent Accruals

Date: 3 August 2017

Fix: Property Screen causing Too Many Open Databases error

Fix: SA Rent Statement printing needless last line after large payment 

Enhancement: Added Default Views by User to all major Search screens

Date: 8 August 2017

Fix: Report Group Statement from the Tenancy screen not handling multiple report groups

Date: 9 August 2017

Fix: Report Group Statement from the Tenancy screen correction

Fix: Contractor Reports showing Urgent parameter message

Enhancement: Change to matching criteria for BNZ CSV (Alt2) Bank format.

Date: 21 August 2017

Fix: Multi-User improvements for the cloud version

Enhancement: Water Balance before and after added to Water Charge Word Merge

Enhancement: Filter shortcut added to Manage Tradespeople

Enhancement: Added preferred tradespeople functionality

Enhancement: When selecting a Tradesperson in a Maintenance task the City now shows in the drop-down list

Enhancement: Tencia Export now includes balancing lines

Date: 25 August 2017

Enhancement: New Bank format for Salvation Army NZ

Date: 29 August 2017

Fix: Water Charge Balances fixed to provide balances up to and including the latest charge.

Fix: "Working" button is now able to be manually ticked

Date: 4 October 2017

Fix: PayWay Bank Import removes commas

Enhancement: Market Rent Review improvements

Date: 11 October 2017

Enhancement: CAPMH Report 2017/2018

Enhancement: Fortnightly Status Report

Date 18 October 2017 

Fix: Tenancy Activity Report and Export fixed - previously, Starting Balance had included the first day of the period.

Enhancement: New Screen - Bulk PDF Statements

This screen (Tenancies>Bulk PDF Statements) allows you to create a separate PDF statement for each of your tenancies, and also an xml file containing the details.

This was developed to assist some Chintaro users to populate a Web Portal so that their Clients can access their latest statement via the web.

Date 19 October 2017 

Fix: Bank of Melbourne Business Online format had been changed -  now fixed.

Date 23 October 2017 

Fix: Error fixed in import of Bulk Property Transactions.

Fix: Reinstated tRentCalcArea local table in code

Date 25 October 2017 

Fix: Error fixed in Bulk SMS Tenancies not creating the correct Client ID on Client Notes.

Date 27 October 2017 

Enhancement: Can now enter Centrelink Fees directly into Property ledgers.

Fix: Error in CAPMH Report

Fix: View Bank account (2 Line) not generating Property Centrelink Transactions

Fix: Urgent default on Inventory items now updates Expected Completion Date

Date 29 October 2017

Enhancement: Added CHACA types to the Program, Exit Point and Reason For Leaving maintenance screens to prepare for automation of the QLD CHACA report. 

Enhancement: Changed the Home Screen to show Room Status in place of Overdue Maintenance and Forecast Maintenance.  This is a system Preference, found in the System tab of preferences.

Date 30 October 2017

Fix: Bulk PDF Statements not working correctly

Date 31 October 2017

Fix: Users were getting a write conflict message each time they vacated a Tenant and then clicked Exit. Error fixed. 

Date 6 November 2017

Fix: Email attachment selection in Arrears Management screen.

Fix: Arrears Concise report filtering.

Enhancement: New HPF Detail report added to the HPF report screen

Enhancement: Alternating graphs by double-clicking on the Home screen (new graph is Days in Arrears)

Date 7 November 2017

Fix: Maintenance screen not forcing an Inventory Item to be selected when opened from a property.

Enhancement: New Tenancy Transaction All (Concise) export added

Enhancement: New GL Format MYOB V19 added

Date 8 November 2017

Fix: "3048 Too Many Databases" issue fixed

Fix: Bulk PDF Creation blank statements fixed

Date 9 November 2017

Fix: Changes to MYOB V19 format for GL Export

Enhancement: Print Preview toolbar expanded options for all reports

Date 13 November 2017

Fix: Changes to MYOB V19 format for GL Export

Fix: Various GL Format fixes.

Fix: HPF Detail Report

Enhancement: Arrears reports Notes and Actions made more multi-user friendly.

Date 14 November 2017

Fix: Change to Import Specification for BOM PayWay files (PPHA)

Date 16 November 2017

Fix: Correction of Cannot Open Any More Databases error for some users

Date 23 November 2017

Enhancement: Multi Transaction Receipts and Invoices

Enhancement: Transactions including Bonds Concise Export added.

Date 28 November 2017

Enhancement: New MYOB GL Formats for Transaction exports.

Enhancement: New Hyperlink pop up forms to replace <Ctrl> K.

Fix: Tradesperson Note Emailing error

Fix: Add Client Note 'Note Originator' Error

Date 19 December 2017

Enhancement: New Renewal SA Fixed Payment Report

Date 24 January 2018

Enhancement: New CAPMH Report

Enhancement: New CHACA Report

Fix: THM Report

Fix: FHL Occupancy Report

Date 8 February 2018

Fix: Balance Today calculation. No rounding

Fix: NSW Rent Statement now runs for vacated tenancies

Date 15 February 2018

Fix: GL Export screen no longer gets a parameter required message

Enhancement: Balance As At Today shows how many days in advance/arrears.

Enhancement: New Financial Status Arrears report added.

Date 20 February 2018

Fix: Minor tweaks to Financial Status reports.

Fix: Tenancy Transactions screen Filtered Balance was not showing cents.

Fix: ANZ NZ Bank Format was rounding some amounts.

Fix: SMS errors using SMS Global  fixed.

Date 22 February 2018

Fix: More tweaks to Financial Status reports.

Fix: Bulk Emailing of NSW Rent statements.

Enhancement: New "percentage of market rent" feature added to Rent Calculator.

Date 23 February 2018

Enhancement: New 'Market Rent Percentage' Report & Export:

Enhancement: New "Property Type by Program" Report (showing Properties 'As At A Date'):

Date 5 March 2018

Enhancement: New Bank Format "NAB Trans History CSV" added

Date 8 March 2018

Enhancement: Occupancy Calculation (HPF Report) now excludes any records after a Property's Returned Date.

Fix: NSW Rent Statement Balancing issue fixed.

Fix: Financial Status Report "Weeks" fixed.

Date 1 May 2018

Enhancement: CaPMH Report updated for 2017/18 Q3 and beyond

Enhancement: Deposit Detail Report (IFYS)

Enhancement: Deposit Summary Report (IFYS)

Enhancement: Lease Type Export (IFYS)

Fix: Word Merge Templates being accidentally deleted

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