What's new in the June 2022 release?

Modified on Mon, 12 Sep 2022 at 11:32 AM

This solution details the enhancements made to both the SQL and Access June 2022 versions of Chintaro. The SQL changes are at the top and Access changes at the bottom.


Important: System Administrator Actions Required

**Please ignore this section if your database is on Chintaro Cloud users - these actions have been completed for you**

This section outlines any changes necessary on top of just the regular update procedure.  This could include copying files to the Templates directory, or making parameter changes within Chintaro itself for new enhancements or functionality.  If a non-Cloud customer is updating to a new version of Chintaro from a version earlier than the previous version, they must check the Actions Required section for all prior release notes. 

Users affectedOverview of changeAction Required
All Australian users required to run the AIHW NAHA Data Collection ReportUpdate to the 2022 templateCopy the template NAHA22.xls into the Data\Templates folder 
VIC General Lease Report UsersChanges to General Lease ReportCopy templates AnnexE.xlsx and AnnexF.xlsx into the Data\Templates folder

SQL Changes

Mobile App Enhancements

  • Single Sign On (SSO) functionality added to mobile app: Users who use SSO to log into Chintaro can now use the same credentials to log into the Chintaro Mobile app. More information about logging into the app is found in this link.
  • Ability to exclude Chintaro Users from Chintaro Mobile App : A system administrator can go into System Maintenance > Security and set 'Exclude from Mobile App? for each user:

Finance Enhancements

  • New General Ledger format for ERP added for Property Transactions: Must be run at detail level. Finance > General Ledger Exports > Export Property Transactions GL > ERP
  • New Bank Format added to import payments from Xero: Can be added through System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Bank Account (called Xero Monte Cecilia)
  • Tweaks made to Tech One (SA Aus) Detail General Ledger Format : Changes were made to adjust the narrative column
  • Added ability to Add/Remove the BPAY Biller Code or Direct Debit Details on Tenant's Statement: See details in this solution: Adding/Removing the BPAY Biller Code or Direct Debit Details on Tenant's Statement
  • Tweaks made to Blackline General Ledger Format: Minor changes confirmed with requestor.
  • Adjusted comment for Bond Payment Comments - fixed for Bank Format 40

Property & Maintenance Enhancements

  • Time format preference for Inspection Times added: Time format for AM:PM has been added to System Maintenance> Preferences> Maintenance> Inspection Time Format. Select either 24hr (default) or AM:PM. Existing appointment times in the Schedule Inspections or Ad Hoc Inspections screen will need to be re-selected to update to the new format after you swap the setting.

  • Extra Covid19 question added to Maintenance Requests and Word Merge: Added a new question: "Are you comfortable with having unvaccinated tradespeople or inspectors in your property/room?"
  • Room number added to Manage Maintenance Tasks Screen : New field added to screen on request.
  • Wording Changed for Covid 19 Question #7: Changed so that the default answer would be un-ticked like the other questions.
  • Severity from MMGR imported into Urgency Field in Work Orders : The ID of the Maintenance Manager severity levels must be mapped to the Chintaro Urgent types in the Urgent Types Reference table. This only needs to be done once. Maintenance Manager ID's are as follows:Sample mapping in Chintaro Urgent Types Reference Table:

Report Enhancements

System Wide Enhancements

  • Ability to add any type of process desired : Rather than just preset process groups, users can add a new type of process template by adding an entry to the Process Group Reference table in System Maintenance > Reference Tables.

Tenancy Enhancements

  • 2 columns (Latest Start Date and Latest Weekly Rent) added to Rent Review screen: Added to the end of the screen, 2 new columns to be able to see the newest start date and amount entered into the rent record. Tenancy > Rent Review:
  • New field for 'DaysToday' added to Arrears Management screen: Users will now be able to see the number of days in arrears tenant is as at today. The current Days column shows the number of days the tenant is in arrears as charged. Days Today column is on the right hand side of the screen. Tenancy > Arrears Management:

Bug Fixes

  • Error (#3075) on double click on the Relationship Pane of the Tenancy screen if there are no relationships listed - fixed.
  • Some fields were incorrectly able to be changed from the Manage Screens - fixed.
  • Last Payment Date and Amount incorrect on Arrears Management Screen when transaction dates are edited - fixed.
  • Unable to set security on GL Number field on Property screen - fixed.
  • Error when exporting screen from Client > Add Contacts - fixed.
  • Columns not labelled when Tenancy Movements by Month report is exported to Excel - fixed.
  • Saved view for Transaction Type reference table not working - fixed.
  • SA users - ASL4-6 were NULL instead of unticked by default - fixed.
  • Property Name not showing by default on Manage Tenancies screen - fixed.
  • Adding new Chintaro usernames over 14 characters truncated - fixed.
  • Tenancy with all Client Details error when exporting - fixed. 
  • Issue with CBA Netlink (Quotes) CSV Bank Format not matching on Payment Book IDs - fixed. 
  • Addresses with commas not importing correctly for the Xero Bank Import for Monte Cecilia - fixed.  
  • BalanceTodayRent field on Arrears Management screen showed as 1 - Fixed.
  • Date Word Merge Fields for tenancy and arrears word merges show a timestamp of 00:00 appended to the date if using Word Merge Plus and creating more than one letter at a time - Fixed.
  • OpenClipboard failed error when sending multiple tenancy letters (memory issue) - Fixed.
  • Security restrictions on changing/selecting output folder for GL exports not working - Fixed.
  • Error on Manage Process screen when using complex views - Fixed.
  • KPM82 included transfers incorrectly - Fixed.
  • Statutory Reporting Analyser VRS 3.1-3.6 include in-active rooms - Fixed.
  • Statutory Reporting Analyser NRS exports - All queries need to include inactive rooms, and exclude Programs that have a null NRS category - Fixed.
  • Error Importing MMgr Invoices not containing severity into - Fixed
    Error in KPM55 - Fixed

    Access Changes

    Report Enhancements

    Patch Update 2022.07.18 

    Finance Enhancements

  • Added two new Finance Exports: Exports > Finance > Salvos Tenancy Balances (Accrued) and Exports > Finance > Salvos Tenancy Balances (Static)

    Bug Fixes
  • Unable to open Audit from Maintenance Task - Fixed

  • Leaving Reason and Exit point data were overwritten if fields left blank when vacating a tenant - Fixed

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