What's new in the December 2021 release?

Modified on Wed, 30 Mar 2022 at 01:01 PM

This solution details the enhancements made to the January 2022 version of Chintaro. The changes in this release are for the SQL version only. 


System Administrator Actions Required

This section outlines any changes necessary on top of just the regular update procedure.  This could include copying files to the Templates directory, or making parameter changes within Chintaro itself for new enhancements or functionality.  If a non-Cloud customer is updating to a new version of Chintaro from a version earlier than the previous version, they must check the Actions Required section for all prior release notes.

Users affectedOverview of changeAction Required
All MMGR, Navision, Momentum Collective users Export/Import Sub-Menu added to Property Maintenance menu to group screens togetherNone - FYI only
Queensland Users onlyCHAPR Report Template includedFor anyone running the CHAPR report, please download the template from this solution and copy to your Templates folder.
FHL users onlyWater Corporation screen addedVarious set up steps required. See solution: Overdue Water Corporation Bulk Communication
VIC General Lease Report UsersChanges to General Lease ReportCopy templates AnnexE.xlsx and AnnexF.xlsx into the Data\Templates folder

Chintaro SQL Enhancements

System Wide Enhancements

  • Property fields moved from main page to Reporting tab: To make Chintaro stretch to a laptop screen, we have had to move some fields from the main Property screen to the Reporting tab.
    Fields affected and now in Reporting Tab: Cost Centre, Funding, Rent Area Override, Nomination Rights and Project Code
  • Manage Rooms and Manage Inspections screens added to Toolbar: Added 2 frequently visited screens to the top of the Toolbar for quicker access:
  • Ability for Chintaro to adjust to accommodate small laptop size: Previously some functionality on either the bottom or the top of the screen was cut off on a small laptop screen. Improvements made to accommodate smaller screens.

  • Cost Centre added to Manage Processes screen: In Processes > Manage Processes

Client Enhancements

  • Rent Calculator Print Preview: When using Rent Calculator and clicking the Print button, a print preview now shows which allows it to be viewed first then saved as a pdf or printed. Client screen > Rent Calculator

  • SA Data Fields updated and added: CHCR Number changed to SHR Person Reference & SHR Category field added to categorise tenants into group 1, 2 or 3 for reporting. Client Screen > SA Data

  • Functionality to jump straight to Client from Contact screen: Users can now open the Client screen from a Contact screen by double clicking the row of the Client on the Contact page. Home >Manage Contacts > Contact:

Property Enhancements

  • Momentum Collective Maintenance Import Screen added: Screen used to import templates of annual/quarterly maintenance contracts, to create both maintenance tasks and inventory items. Home > Property Maintenance > Imports/Exports > Momentum Collective Import. Click this link for the details of how to use the Momentum Collective Maintenance Import Screen.
  • Various new fields added to Property and Manage Properties screens: Next Condition Rating Date added to Property screen; Following columns added to Manage Properties: InsurerName2, InsuranceType2, PolicyNumber2, InsuranceValue2, InsuranceExpiryDate2, Next Condition Rating Date and Condition Rating Date

  • New screen section to record valuation: New fields were added to be able to record multiple entries over time for the following fields: Land acquisition value, Building acquisition value, Land Valuation, Building Valuation: Accessed by pressing the blue Valuation button from the Property Screen:

Tenancy Enhancements

  • Property Identifier Field added to Arrears Management Screen: UPI, ISIP, AHO field may differ on name depending on state/type of organisation.  Tenancies > Arrears Management

Finance Enhancements

  • All bank screens now give option to match on Surname, Payment Book ID or CRN/WINZ: Previously only Payment Book or WINZ/CRN, now users can select which option they would like to match on including Surname:
  • Water Corporation Screen added: For FHL users only, to import Water Corporation files to send communication in bulk (email and letter, or SMS) to tenants with overdue water accounts. Home > Finance > Water Corporation. Full description of how to use the screen is in this link: Overdue Water Corporation Bulk Communication

  • MYOB Detail GL Adjustments:  Various changes made to csv exported for format MYOB Detail for AHACNT. Finance > General Ledger Exports > Export Transactions GL

  • SAH SA Maintenance Task GL Export File: Small change to Tech One GL Export column Q from Works Type to Item Group. 

  • GL Export for MYOB V19: Detail Job column adjusted.

Report and Export Enhancements

  • Healthy Homes Statement Reporting Screen added (NZ): All fields from Property > Healthy Homes screen now available in Reports and Exports > NZ Reports > Healthy Homes. All fields combined into sections in pre-set Saved Views for easier reporting of gaps in data, and all Saved Views can be exported:

  • Healthy Homes Totals added to Export Menu: This report will allow you run an export on the Note Type.  Reports and Exports > Exports > Property & Maintenance > Healthy Homes Totals

  • CHAPR Report added to QLD Reporting Menu: Similar to the NRSCH report, the CHAPR Report is now available in Reports and Exports > QLD Report > CHAPR Report. 

    See solutions:
    Preparing Chintaro for running CHAPR
    Running the CHAPR Report

  • Disability fields added to All Clients Currently Housed (Contacts) Export: Various new disability/NDIS fields, including Tenancy Manager and Program added to Reports and Exports > Exports > Clients > All Clients Currently Housed (Contacts) 
  • Add Region Column to Room Status Exports: Added for 2 exports in Reports & Exports > Exports > Property & Maintenance>  Room Status Detail - HPF (Date Range), Room Status Summary - HPF (Date Range)

  • Add Region Column to Tenancy export: Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Tenancy (active with Current Rent & Incomes)
  • Occupancy Calculation enhanced for THM reporting:
    1. Ensure online and returned date don't conflict with active tenancy dates and adjust if needed
    2. Include payments made to in-active properties for vacated tenancies

Maintenance Enhancements

  • Various change made when importing invoices from Maintenance Manager:  
    • New Preference under Finance: MMGR Confirmed For Payment - will tick Confirmed for Payment box in Completion details for all invoices if this is set to Yes. 
    • If above parameter is set, Invoice Paid date will be set to the import date for all invoices
    • Work Completed details will be populated with data in the short description field from Maintenance Manager.

Bug Fixes:

  • GL export format Dynamics Uniting Housing was not allowing edit of Comments field - Fixed.
  • Multi Bank Processing (2 Line) screen was initially matching on tenancy ID - Fixed.
  • Preferences > Maintenance >CC Email1 & 2 unable to remove - Fixed. 
  • Maintenance Task > Rooms drop down - not in numeric order - Fixed. 
  • CHAFR Report not picking up online date of property - 
  • Error #3021 DAO.Recordset No current record when exiting a Tenancy with no tenancy transactions - Fixed.
  • Bank format NAB Connect CSV Alt not matching - Fixed.
  • Statutory Reporting Analyzer NRS description errors for 1.2.3 and 6.1.5 - Fixed
  • Statutory Reporting Analyzer NRS 1.2.3 export error - Fixec
  • SMS from tenancy screen was not working correctly (in version 2021.10.21 only) - Fixed. 
  • Bond Statement print was popping up a parameter dialog box and printing the date with ###### - Fixed.
  • Bank Multi processing screen> Generate transactions button out of place (in version 2021.10.21) - Fixed
  • Maintenance Manager Import Fails if an invoice has more than 255 columns - Fixed.
  • Scroll bar disappeared from Notes section on Property Screen - Fixed.
  • Using blue column to do a quick search for vacated tenant needed to be twice to show values - Fixed.
  • Results in Statutory Reporting Analyser inaccurate for complaints/incidents in VRS 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 - Fixed.
  • Ability to edit Contact > Client details from Contact screen - Fixed.
  • Unable to set security for fMaintenance cTenantCharged - Fixed. 
  • Exports -> Finance -> Tenancy Bond not showing current weekly rent - Fixed. 
  • Creating multiple maintenance tasks from inventory screen, fields aren't populated correctly for second task - Fixed.

Patch Update 2021.12.21

Bug Fixes:

  • Tabbing through fields going up, not down - Fixed. 
  • Dropping filtering down doesn't show options within column - Fixed.
  • Date check to stop users entering Cyclical Start Dates < yesterday's date - Fixed. 

Patch Update 2022.1.16

Bug Fixes:

  • Manage Properties screen duplicating for properties with multiple valuations - Fixed.
  • General Lease report didn't include payments for vacated tenancies - Fixed.
  • Adding a new process includes inactive properties - Fixed.
  • Print Invoice button not working for vacated tenancies - Fixed.
  • SRA for KPM 9 & 10 included cancelled work orders - Fixed.

Patch Update 2022.1.28

Report and Export Enhancements

  • Region field added to export: Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Tenancy (active with Current Rent)

Finance Enhancements

  • Payment splits for Bond transactions can now include multiple transaction types in the bond ledger
  • New GL export created for Monte Cecilia (XERO)

Bug Fixes:

  • Error #2485 when running certain reports - Fixed.
  • Maintenance Manager import file sometimes inverts month and day for date fields - Fixed.
  • NZ users - IRRS tickbox not visible on full screen - Fixed.
  • Client follow up notes link on the home screen was not working in some circumstances - Fixed.

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