What's new in the March 2022 release?

Modified on Thu, 30 Jun 2022 at 09:22 AM

This solution details the enhancements made to the March 2022 version of Chintaro. The changes in this release are for the SQL version only.  


System-Wide Enhancements

  • Chintaro Mobile fields required for app access API ID and API Enabled preferences added to System Security: All Chintaro Cloud users will have access to the Chintaro app, but permission to turn on the API to access the database must be turned on via System Maintenance > Preferences > System > API Enabled > Yes. API ID field auto generated and populated by Chintaro Support to connect to database:

  • Maintenance Manager import: Option for making all tasks imported from Maintenance Manager in-active when imported.  Set in System Maintenance> Preferences> Maintenance> MMGR Make Tasks Inactive:
  • SMS provider Message Media REST API Integration: Option for SMS using Message Media REST API in System Maintenance> Preferences> SMS. For more information see Setting up SMS functionality

  • Add Transfer Process Group type which displays on both Client and Tenancy screensHome> Processes> Manage Process Templates> Process Group
  • Various Enhancements for Processes:  Saved Views added for Manage Steps, Last Step Completed, and Last Step Completed Date added to Manage Processes screen, Adjust status of steps and processes when a completed date is entered, adjust scheduled dates for steps if process start date is changed, or completed date of a step is changed.

Finance Enhancements

  • MYOB Exports (Venture) created for Tenancy and Maintenance exports: Tweaks to current MYOB format, Maintenance export includes: Column H populates SC Order Number, Column Q populated Property Name, Column N populates with Agency GL Code (direct field entered when MMGR file imported). Tenancy Transactions changes include: Bonds included, Property Transactions included. GL format must be set to MYOB Venture:
    Home > Finance > General Ledger Exports

  • Tenancy Balances screen export now showing 2 decimal places: Previously populating with4 decimal places, export now shows figures with 2 decimal places. Home > Finance > Tenancy Balances

  • GL Export for Xero Monte Cecilia format:  Tweak to column P to add Transaction Type Property Address combination. Finance > General Ledger Exports

  • Westpac NZ bank format adds Reference field to Transaction Comments description when manually matched in bank screen: To assist users in identifying who made the payment from the tenancy transactions, the 3 reference fields from the bank file are concatenated. Home> Finance> Bank Functions> Multi Bank Processing & Multi Bank Processing (2 line)

Property & Maintenance Enhancements

  • Inactive keys no longer appearing in Manage Keys screen: Keys that have been inactive no longer show on Property >Keys or Property Maintenance > Keys screens.

  • Nomination column added to the Manage Rooms screen: Home> Properties> Manage Rooms

  • Property Manager column added to the Manage Keys screen: Home> Property Maintenance > Keys

  • Field added to Property Word Merge: ContactPhone2 in the word merge uses the data from Property> Additional Details> Property Phones> second field.

  • Add BSB, Account Number, Payment Method, BPay Biller Code, Not GST Registered? columns to the Manage Tradespeople screen: Home> Property Maintenance> Tradespeople

  • 3 fields added to Manage Forecast Maintenance screen: Item Group, Cost Centre, GL Number. Home > Property Maintenance > Manage Forecast Maintenance. 

  • COVID19 Screening Questions added to Maintenance Tasks: A new section has been added to maintenance tasks to ask COVID19 screening questions. The 6 fields have also been added to Maint.txt Word Merge Fields. Home > Property Maintenance > Manage Maintenance Tasks  Covid 19 questions:

Report and Export Enhancements

  • Export added to capture data relating to Property Valuations: Requested by FHL, export captures all required data relating to Property Valuations. Reports and Exports > Exports > Property and Maintenance > Property Valuations
  • Export added to capture data relating to Rent Foregone: Export captures rent foregone during the period start and end date selection criteria, and uses the rent amount from the latest rent record. Reports and Exports > Exports > Property and Maintenance > Void Loss

  • Tenancy Balances (As At Date / EOM) Export now includes ACCRIS ID field: ACCRIS ID is the field next to the Client's title, on the Client screen. Field name can be changed in System Maintenance, but the underlying name is ACCRIS ID, EG in this database, ACCRIS ID is labelled CID:

Tenancy Enhancements

  • 3 Additional Service Levies (ASL's) added to South Australian Rent Calculator: Previously only 3 ASL's available, now 6 ASL's can be added to the rent calculator. For full setup instructions and step by step use of the rent calculator, click this link: SA Rent Calculator (For Organisations using Chintaro for managing Tenancies and Rent)
  • 3 Default fields added for Water Charge descriptions:  Default water charge description fields added in System Maintenance> Preferences> Tenancies/Rent

Bug Fixes

  • Tenancies created with no Room - error when exiting tenancy before activating - fixed. 
  • 'Delete' button on Tenancy not visible if Vacant Processing enabled - fixed. 
  • Relationship pane shortened, Comments section extended - fixed. 
  • GST Exempt error on Maintenance Task for SAH databases - fixed. 
  • Reassigning Tenancy ID did not update tLease,tProcess, tTxnBondLodgement -fixed. 
  • Horizontal scrollbar was not appearing on the Property screen - fixed.
  • Error (#2455) opening Home> Properties> Property Notes screen when no property notes exist - fixed.
  • Close Period Date did not exclude entering transactions to tenancy - fixed. 
  • System Maintenance > Security > Maintenance form not excluding unticked tables - fixed. 
  • Hidden 'Room' function to manually change room status not working - fixed. 
  • Maintenance GL Export not populating task with Batch Number - fixed. 
  • Error #3061 when exporting Arrangements screen, Split Type and Status columns populating ID's rather than text - fixed. 
  • Export Maintenance GL - If a maintenance request is double-clicked before exporting, the property details were incorrect - fixed.
  • Export Maintenance GL - Output Folder isn't retained for next time - fixed.
  • Error message when opening NSW rent calculator for client that isn't in a current tenancy - fixed.
  • System hangs during Reports & Exports > Exports > Tenancy Transactions > Transactions (Tenancy and Bond) - fixed.

Patch Update 2022.04.04


Finance Enhancements

  • New Bank Format Added for NAB Connect CSV: Can be added through System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Bank Account
  • Changes made to GL Format Tech One (SA Aus): When maintenance is exported, do not update Invoice Paid Date. Can be added through System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance

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