This solution details the enhancements made to the December 2019 versions of Chintaro. 

Chintaro SQL Enhancements

Tenancy Enhancements:

  • Bulk PDF Statements:  New screen - Bulk PDF Statements. Tenancies> Bulk PDF Statements:
    This screen (Tenancies>Bulk PDF Statements) allows you to create a separate PDF statement for each of your tenancies, and also an xml file containing the details.
    This was developed to assist some Chintaro users to populate a Web Portal so that their Clients can access their latest statement via the web.
  • Added Accrued Balance to the Arrears Management Screen: Users can now get the Balance as at a particular date i.e. the end of the month using the date field at the top of the screen, get the Balance as at the latest rent charge using the balance column or the Accrued balance which is balance as charged up until today.

The new Accrued Balance columns can be turned off by going to System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance > Arrears Screen - Include Accrued? and setting this to As Generated Only.

Property Maintenance Enhancements:

  • Maintenance Manager Export Screen: New screen added for users that are using Maintenance Manager. 

  • Delete Inspections functionality added: New button added to the Manage Inspections Screen so that users can delete inspections if required.

After clicking delete, users will be given the option to update the last and next inspection date on both the Tenancy Screen and the Room Details screen if they wish.

Finance Enhancements:

  • Added a new Bank Format ID for Regional Australia Bank: New format added for customers of Regional Australia Bank called 'Regional Australia Bank'

Property Enhancements:

  • MSD Market Rent update screen: NZ Users can now import the file that they receive from MSD with their Rent CPI Review in to Chintaro.

System Maintenance Enhancements:

  • Added RCD: Added RCD as a Safety item type under System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Item Type > Safety.

Bug Fixes:

  • PIM Export csv file bug. File was not being created properly. Fixed.
  • PIM Import on Startup bug. A bug was causing the start up time to be reduced for PIM users. Fixed.