Before beginning to run the AHO report, you will first need to ensure the fields have been setup. For instructions on how to do this, please read Preparing Chintaro to run the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office Report

The AHO will draw on data based off the Occupancy Calculation. It is vital this has been run for the corresponding period, as not doing so will lead to inaccurate data. If you are unsure how to do this, please see our solution on Running the Occupancy Calculation

Once the above two steps are completed we can begin to run the report.

Navigate to Home > Reports and Exports... > NSW Reports... > FACS AHO Reporting

Select the Start and End date of of the Reporting Period - typically AHO reporting is done monthly.

Select the Output folder by clicking on the the button with the ellipsis (...)

Select the programs you would like to Report on. If you'd like to select more than one, hold down <Ctrl> on your keyboard and select each program.

Click the "Create Files" button and Chintaro will export the files to the folder you selected.

If successful, you will be greeted with the following pop up.

The created files will now be in your selected folder. When submitting to the Ngamuru Portal please select the two "Monthly" files as seen below.