This solution details the steps required to set Chintaro up to produce the DCJ Report for NSW users. Chintaro will produce the 5 spreadsheets required for non-SAHF (Social and Affordable Housing Fund) providers after the system has been set up correctly.


Setting up your Reference Tables

Program Reference Table

The first step is to ensure your Program Reference Table includes the Allocation Type, CaPMH Assistance Type and CaPMH Rent Setting fields. 

To add or edit these fields, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance > Reference Table > Program:

Select the Allocation Type of each Program though the drop down list (either Affordable, BPSC Leased, General or Supported):

Next, move to the DCJ Assistance Type column, and select the appropriate option from the drop down list for each Program (either Affordable Housing, Crisis Accommodation, General Housing, Non-FaCS, Other FaCS, Other Housing NSW or Transitional Housing):

Next, move to the DCJ Rent Setting column, and select the appropriate option from the drop down list for each Program (either Discounted Market Rent, Income Based or Other):

Property Source Reference Table

The next step is to ensure the Property Source Reference Table is correct, by clicking Property Source Reference Table of the left-hand side of the screen. The 4 sources should appear as follows:

NOTE: Do not add anything here, simply check they are correct. 

Income Reference Table

Select the Income Reference Table from the list on the left hand side. Go to the DCJ Income Source column and select the appropriate Income Source for each Income from the drop down list (to populate the Households sheet of the report):

Setting up your Properties

After you have set up the applicable Reference Tables (above), you will need to update information on each Property. Open the Property screen and ensure every Property has a Program selected from the Drop Down List:

Click Reporting in the blue functions at the top of the screen and select the Market Rent Method for each Property from the drop down list (either NRAS Compliance, Other or Rent and Sales Report) and the ensure every Property has a Property Source. 

Setting up your Tenancies

After your Properties have been set up correctly, you will need to update certain fields on the Tenancy Screen. 

Open a Tenancy screen and click the Reporting button at the top of the screen:

Select or enter the information in the following fields as appropriate:

DCJ HASI: Select from the drop down list - either Low, Medium, High

DCJ Support Agreement: Mandatory for every Tenant.

DCJ Internal Transfer?: Tick if applicable, does not include boarding house moves

DCJ Transfer from Public Housing or another CH Provider?: Select from the drop down list - either Aboriginal Housing Office, Community Housing, Indigenous Community Housing, No or Public Housing.

Running the DCJ Report 

Once you have Chintaro set up correctly you can run the DCJ Report using the steps in this link.

If you require further assistance with the setting up the DCJ Report

If you require assistance please email