What's New in the May 2021 Release?

Modified on Thu, 26 Aug 2021 at 08:29 AM

This solution details the enhancements made to the May 2021 version of Chintaro SQL.

Chintaro SQL Enhancements

Client Enhancements:

  • Tags -Increased width of columns: To allow for visibility of longer Tags.
  • Client Phone and Address included in emails from Client Notes to other Tenancy Managers: Client phone added to details of client name and address automatically added to the email from within the Client Note screen
  • Optimised CRA added to Rent Calculator: The rent calculator has a new tick box that allows the Maximum CRA value to be used in the calculation
  • 'Consent to Contact' Confirmation Added for Supporting Contacts: Client Contacts now have a flag on whether consent has been gained to contact them, and what their preferred method of contact is. Clients > Manage Contacts > Contact Record:

Complaints/Incidents Enhancements:

  • Complaints/Incidents: Complaints section has had a major overhaul which includes increased functionality, both within this menu option and throughout Chintaro. Home > Complaints/Incidents. Click this link to learn more General Information about using Complaints/Incidents in Chintaro
  • Program of Incident: Added ability to record which Program is associated with any recorded Incidents via a Free Text Field (not automatically selected due to the possibility of a Property/Tenancy/Client in different programs. 

Finance Enhancements

  • Multi Bank Processing 2 Line screen able to see current Weekly/Fortnightly Rent charges - Current rent rates now displayed below the Rent Component:
  • Functionality to save records in Multi Bank Processing screen when exiting: Extra precautions added if user accidentally exits the screen. Option to save changes when exiting screen without processing, and an option to retain previous changes when entering screen:
  • Various Columns added to Manage Tenancy / Bond Transactions screen: New columns added for Tenancy Status, Tenancy Bond Amount, Total Bond Lodged, Bond Debits, and Bond Credits
  • GL Export for Peoplepoint (Baptcare): Further changes made to GL Export to suit requirements.

Property Maintenance Enhancements: 

  • Streamlined Inspections Process for Chintaro Cloud Clients: Chintaro Cloud users now have the option to use a streamlined process for creating and importing inspections from Chintaro and PIM. Chintaro Cloud users no longer need to export a file containing their inspection data and upload it to the PIM website - the inspection data scheduled in Chintaro can be sent straight to PIM, and returned straight from PIM to Chintaro when submitted. Users have the option to continue using the old process of manually importing the files if preferred. Property Maintenance > Inspections > Schedule Inspections. More information about the new integration, including the set up, is found in this linkScheduling Inspections in Chintaro (PIM/Chintaro Cloud Integration)
  • Various fields added to the Maintenance Manager integration
  • Column added to Manage Maintenance Task Screen: Added Provider ID  
  • Column added to Manage Property Maintenance Screen: Added Purchase Order Number
  • Routine to delete Maintenance Tasks with Inventory ID of null or 0: If Maintenance Task created with an Inventory Item of null or 0, Chintaro will delete upon login.
  • New Word Doc Note Type: Fixed a display bug that showed 'Email' instead of 'New Word Doc' under the Note Type
  • SMTP support added for Work Orders: Work Orders can now be sent via SMTP if the Organ

Reports and Exports Enhancements:

  • Cost Centre field added to Transactions (Tenancy) Export:  Available in Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Transactions (Tenancy).

System Maintenance Enhancements: 

  • Current User Usage displays on Home Screen: To keep track of number of current users in at any given time, the maximum number of users logged in for previous day will display in System Maintenance > View Licence Usage. The number of currently logged in users will appear on the Home Screen:

  • New 'Admin Only' level of Security added for IT/Non-Chintaro Users: Selecting Admin Only will give access to the Security screen only (no access to other screens in Chintaro) for the user. Helpful if you need IT to create new user accounts. System Maintenance > Security:
  • Ability to hide Additional Charge 1, 2, 3 from Edit Rent Screen: If you do not use the Additional Charges, they can now be hidden from the Edit Rent screen so that the Market Rent shows clearly when adding new amounts in the Rent Record. To turn these off, go to System MaintenancePreferences > Tenancies/Rent - Added Hide Additional Charge 1, Hide Additional Charge 2, Hide Additional Charge 3

  • Screen Resolution Preference: Removed - no longer a valid setting.

  • Preference for ONLY System Administrators to see complaints:  Added Parameter for IncidentAdminOnly. If set, only system administrators can see incidents/complaints on the client, tenancy, property, tradesperson, and property/tenancy manager screens. Set to True by default and must be set to False if you would like all users to see all complaints on all screens. 

    Set to System Administrator view only: System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters > IncidentAdminOnly > Parm Number = -1
    Set to all user view/No restriction: System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters > IncidentAdminOnly > Parm Number = 0    

Tenancy Enhancements:

  • Field added to Manage Tenancies screen: Induction Complete

Word Merge Enhancements

  • Tenancy Letters: Various enhancements, including new column for 'Region' on screen, as well as merge field for 'Region' in WordMergeTenancy.txt; added Save View function. Tenancy > Tenancy Letters.
  • Word Merge Plus - Option to immediately Print Letters: All word merge bulk screens now have the option for immediate print or not. For more information regarding Word Merge Plus, click this link.
  • Column added to Tenancy Letters screen: Next Inspection Date

Bug Fixes

  • SMTP Emailing work order sends multiple copies if .CC configured - Fixed
  • NSW reports> CAPMH reporting > incomes not reporting correctly - Fixed
  • NSW reports> CAPMH reporting > SLK calculation was incorrect - Fixed
  • NSW reports> CAPMH reporting > duplicates in Dwellings and Vacancy files - Fixed
  • NSW reports> CAPMH reporting > smoke alarm data not included - Fixed
  • Error msg when adding market rent on a new room's rent record - Fixed
  • Unable to select Saved Views from Manage 

Chintaro Access Enhancements

System Maintenance Enhancements: 

  • Current User Usage displays on Home Screen: To keep track of number of current users in at any given time, the maximum number of users logged in for previous day will display in System Maintenance > View Licence Usage. The number of currently logged in users will appear on the Home Screen:

    Patch Update 2021.05.17

    Bug Fixes: 

    • Home > Finance > Tenancy Transaction Functions > Manage Tenancy / Bond Transaction - Export gives ERROR# 3131  - Fixed

    Patch Update 2021.07.12

    Bug Fixes: 

    • State Columns for NAHA report xls and csv files not accurate if across multiple states - Fixed.
    • NAHA report for Qld includes tenancies ended before June 30 - Fixed.

Patch Update 2021.05.18

Licensing Enhancements

  • Users logged in/Licensed Users - displayed on Home screen and System Maintenance > Current Users Screen, with dynamic refresh

PIM Enhancements

  • Inspection Details fields too small: Our Summary, Maint Required, Suggested Improvements, Tenant Summary.  All fields changed to be multi-line and scrollable.

Bug Fixes

  • Manage Properties Screen - doesn't show Property Name by default - Fixed

Patch Update 2021.05.19

Licensing Enhancements

  • Improved Licencing Diagnostics - Licencing will now process the count differently, to cater for users who have multiple sessions open on the same computer

            Finance Enhancements

  • Tenancy Transactions inc Bond - This screen has undergone some performance improvements to optimise load time.

Patch Update 2021.05.28 (Access)

Bug Fixes

  • Number Of Users / User Licences counts internal user mdbdeveloper as a user - Fixed

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