What's new in 6.1.20

Modified on Sun, 11 Jun 2017 at 02:58 PM

New link to 'What's new in this Version?' on Home Screen: Links to appropriate release notes on Chintaro Support Portal:

Links to Chintaro Support Go To Meetings renamed on Home Screen: From gotomeet.me/chintarosupport to GO TO MEETING - CHINTARO SUPPORT:

Chintaro News Feeder: On the Home Screen, there is now a Chintaro News Feeder which will display important messages from Chintaro Support:


Additional filters applied to Tenancy Activity Report: In Reports and Exports> Reports> Finance>  Tenancy Activity for Period, filters added for Program, Tenancy Manager and Tenancy Status, as well as the Start and End Dates:

New Horizons Maintenance Export: Found in Reports and Exports> NSW Reports> New Horizons Maintenance Export: New Horizons Maintenance Export

Property Transaction GL Screen/Property Transaction GL Batch Maintenance Screen added: Added for exports to MYOB Standard only. 

Client Letters and Tenancy Letter Screens now print according to order they were on screen: Includes when screen is filtered. Bug fixed.

Tenancy Inspection Report includes Balances: The Tenancy Inspection Report (Reports and Exports> Reports> Tenancies> Tenancy Inspections) now includes the Tenant's balances (Rent, Non Rent and Total):

Payment Split Enhancement: When an amount is entered in to the Manual Bank Processing 2 Line or Multi Bank Processing 2 Line screen that equals the total of amount of the Payment Arranagements, Chintaro will know to split this payment accordingly. EG Payment received for $40, with 4 splits of $10:

Property Census Fix for exporting Owners: Bug fixed in Property> Property Census Report now exports Owner's details:

Vacating Details Change: Exit Point and Reason for Leaving fields removed from Tenancy Record, now in Vacating Details pop up. Added 2 fields for Vacancy Outcome and No. Bedrooms Exited To:

NSW FACS AHO Report: Reporting Tool for New South Wales's Aboriginal Housing Organisations added to Reports and Exports> NSW Reports> FACS ACHO Reporting.

Bug fixed to not allow Property Transactions to be generated if Period is Closed in Chintaro

Statement Address Updated: All Statements updated to reflect:

  • Postal Address from Client screen in Address block (for window on envelope) 
  • Tenanted Address from Tenancy/Property at top of Statement in grey block.

GL Exports Updated to reflect MYOB: Exports updated to reflect MYOB format based on the standard MYOB template provided on their web page for Transaction journals.

Tenancy Start Date & Finance Close Period: Updated so that now you cannot Create a Tenancy prior to the Close Period.

Bug fixed- now hides Inactive Leases: Previously, Tenancy Leases would show all Active and Inactive Leases. Now, it will show only Active Leases by default. Inactive Leases can be shown by going to the 'Active' column, dropping the funnel icon down and 'Select All'.

CAPMH Report added to Reports and Exports> NSW Reports> CAPMH Report: NSW Reports - CAPMH Report

Property Maintenance Exports & Manage Maintenance Task Screen: Added ID

Transaction Group Statements: Added to Tenancy Screen> Print Statement, you will now be able to print Statements for individual Transaction Groups (EG Amenities Statement, a Damages Statement, a Gardening Statement, an Key Statement, a Loan Statement, an Other Statement, a Parking Statement, a Utilities Statement and a a Water Statement.): Tenancy Screen - How to print an individual Transaction Group Statement for a Tenant

GL Screen - back button bug:  Previously, when clicking the 'Back' button it would take you to the Property Maintenance Menu, instead of the GL menu. This has been fixed to take you back to the GL menu. 

Chintaro News Feeder:  Added a Chintaro News Feeder to the Home Screen, where Chintaro will update with important messages we need to alert to your Organisation.

Rent Calculators added to all States (Australia)

Tenancy Bond Export Added:  New export in Reports and Exports> Exports> Finance> Tenancy Bond:


Report/ Export for Emergency Contacts added: In both Reports and Exports Menu> Clients, there is now an 'Client Emergency Contacts List' report and export:

Added field to Maint.txt file: Added Property Type.

Property Maintenance Export: Added Property Address and Room Number fields.

Report Added: Client Notes by Date: Additional Report added to Reports & Exports > Reports > Client > Client Notes by Date with selection criteria of Tenancy Manager & Program.

Property Search Screen: Bug fixed, where after searching for a Property and opening the Property Screen, clicking the 'Back' button would return to the Top of the Property Search Screen, rather than defaulting ba ck to where you searched from. Now fixed.

Changing a Maintenance Type removes the job Urgency in create Maintenance Task screen: Bug Fixed

Bond Balance to update when Bond Amount is entered: Bug fixed. In previous versions, when entering a Bond Amount in Tenancies> Bond Transactions, the 'Amount' field would not populate automatically. 

Added Damage Type Reference Table: Previously did not exist. Now added to System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Damage Type. 

Added Preference to populate default message on SMS Tenant pop up on Work Order: Default Text to appear on Maintenance Task> SMS Tenant

Added Export Tenancy Activity for Period (Detail): A new export has been added to the Export Menu, Home > Reports & Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Tenancy Activity for Period (Detail). This export will show the starting balances, charges, payments and end balances for Tenancies within a specified time period. 

Reduced size of 2 date fields on Tenancy Screen to allow calendar icon to appear: Last update (6.1.19) increased the size of the Tenancy Transactions Ledger to allow for 'Balance' column. After this change, when users would click in 'Next Inspection Date' field, or 'Next Rent Review' date field, the calendar icon would not appear. This is now fixed:


'Tenancy Manager' column added to Client Notes Screen: Added Tenancy Manager column to right hand side of screen:

Clicking 'View Tenancy' on Related Tenant's Client Screen now opens Primary Tenant's Tenancy Screen: Bug fixed. 

Added NSW Tenancy Statement: Added to Tenancy Screen> Print Statement> NSW. Splits Rent Transactions and Non Rent Transactions in to separate sections, includes the Tenant's Rent Charges History and includes the number of weeks and days in Credit/Arrears:

'Cannot open anymore databases' on Tenancy Screen: Fixed.

Removed #Div/0! Error from Tenancy Balances Screen: Previously, when a Tenant was in Rent Arrears, but has $0 in their current rent record (not being charged rent), the Days column in the Tenancy Balances screen would show an error #Div/0!. This was because Chintaro could not calulate the Rent Arrears by 0. This has been fixed to show 'Null' instead:

Action Note information added to Reports - Client History (Notes) and Client Notes by Date: Added extra line on Reports to show Action Type, Action By and Action Comments.

Manual Bank Processing/ Manual Bank Processing (2 Line) screens: Control Totals removed from screen as they were inaccurate:

Completion Details button not appearing on Maintenance Task when opening screen: Fixed.  

Maintenance Preferences: When updating all General Inventory Items through Preferences>Maintenance, clicking 'Update Existing Maintenance 'General' Inventory Items' would write over existing Access Instructions to be blank.Fixed. 

Tenancy Balances on Tenancy Screen: Formatting fixed for Tenancy Balances.

Manage Inspections Screen - Show ALL button: Fixed. Would not show all records after filtering screen. 

Property Maintenance Export - by Completed Date: A new export has been added to the Export Menu, Home > Reports & Exports > Exports > Property & Maintenance > Property Maintenance (By Completed Date). This export will show the Maintenance jobs completed within a specified time period.

Arrears Mail Merges - Some fields not merging: Fixed. All Merge fields merging correctly EG. Last Payment Date. Creating an Individual Tenancy Word Merge

GL Export screen: Error '#3077 DAO.Recordset Syntax Error (missing operator) in expression': This Error message has been fixed.

Property Maintenance (Concise) Report: Fixed report that was showing Incomplete (active) Maintenance Tasks as Completed (not active), and Completed (not active) Maintenance Tasks tasks showing Incomplete (active).

Statement Transactions sorting by Transaction Date: Prior versions would sort Rent Statement Transactions by 'Date Last Changed', rather than Transaction Date. Fixed to sort by Transaction Date. 

Manage Tenancy Transactions - Show ALL button not showing all records: Fixed - Show ALL will now show all records. 

Expand field on Bank Statement Report: The  debit field on the Bank Transactions (Date Range) Report has been expanded so that the full field shows rather than, #####'s appearing in the debit column.

Sort Order on Manage Tenancy Screen: Chintaro will retain the sort order ([A-Z], [Z-A], [Smallest to Largest], [Largest to Smallest]) that you select in the Client, Tenancy and Property screen as you navigate throughout the database. Returning to the Home Screen will clear the sort order.

Removed Scroll Bar: The Scroll Bar has been removed from the Control Panel (Home Screen). 

Added TargetGroup field to 2 Exports: Target Group field added to 2 Exports: All Clients Currently Housed (in the Client Export Category) and Tenancy With All Client Details (in the Tenancies Export Category).

Added Export for Property Market Rents: Added to Reports and Exports> Exports> Finance> Property Market Rents.  

Added Report for Overdue Inspections: Added to Reports and Exports> Reports> Property & Maintenance> Overdue Inspections:

Rent Charges and Payments by Program Summary Report: Adjusted field sizes to allow up $99,999,999.99 on large fields & $9,999,999.99 on smaller fields.

Patch Releases

Date: 5 May 2017

Fix: Bulk Email Statements - printing incorrect address. Fixed. 

Enhancement: Rent Calculator calculations now print portrait instead of landscape.
Enhancement: Income Component table now includes 'Override Percentage' column for ICS Import:

Date: 8 May 2017

Fix: Fixed Client Income pop up screen not showing variable incomes properly.

Fix: Fixed Manage Client Notes screen displaying the same note multiple times.


Date: 18 May 2017

Fix: Westpac Payway Bank format fixed.

Date: 22 May 2017

Fix: Non Rent Charge fixed when copying SA Rent Calculation.

Date: 30 May 2017

Fix: Max File locks reduced.

Enhancement: MyNetFone added as SMS provider.

Date: 5 June 2017

Fix: Dates fixed in Transaction Template creation

Enhancement: Tenancy record saved prior to Word Merge from the Tenancy screen.

Date: 6 June 2017
Enhancement: Western Australia's Rent Calculator activated. 

Date: 7 June 2017
Fix: Bulk SMS problem when the message can't be sent.

Enhancement:  Added the ability to turn buttons off or on on the Manage Maintenance and Manage Forecast Maintenance screens.

Date: 11 June 2017

Enhancement:  Xero format created for Property Transaction and Maintenance Task exports to GL.

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