Chintaro v6.1.20 or later will include a Transaction Group Statement which is a statement that will show all of the Tenancy Transactions that are linked to a certain Transaction Group in the system. This will allow you to print individual Statements for Transaction Groups such as an Amenities Statement, a Damages Statement, a Gardening Statement, an Key Statement, a Loan Statement, an Other Statement, a Parking Statement, a Utilities Statement and a a Water Statement.

To print a Transaction Group Statement, from the Tenancy Record, click Print Statement. For more information about this pop up, please view How to Print an Individual Tenant's Statement 

The Statement Options pop up appears. In the Mandatory Statement Type field, click the Transaction Group option and select the Transaction Group you wish to print the Statement for from the drop down list:

NOTE: These Transaction Groups are hard coded in the system. 

Enter an Optional Statement Start Date and an Optional Statement End Date if you want to print the statement for a period of time (EG Calendar Year, Last Financial Year, etc.). If you leave these fields blank, you will print all of the Transactions that belong to this particular Transaction Group from Tenancy Transactions ledger from the beginning of the Tenancy. 

You are able to enter Optional Statement Text if you would like text to be printed at the end of the Statement that will appear highlighted in yellow. To save time in entering common Statement Texts, default Statement text can be added by your System Administrator, via System Maintenance>Reference Tables> Statement Text.

Select the Optional Note Type as 'Statement'. If you enter Optional Statement Text, this text will default in the Note Text section, and a Note will be created in the Notes section of the Tenancy Record.

Click Continue to view the preview of the Statement:

NOTE: Indivudal Transaction Group Statement cannot be printed in bulk from the Bulk Print Statement screen, but a Non Rent Statement can. Click here to view the Solution for: How to print Tenancy Statements in Bulk