Chintaro enables you to record all of the properties your organisation owns and manages, both tenantable properties and non tenantable properties. Each property has its own screen and this is used to record the tenant, maintenance, assets within the property, owners and property managers, and more. This solution explains the main sections of the property screen. 


Adding a new Property to Chintaro

To add a new Property in Chintaro, from the Home Screen, click Properties, then Manage Properties. To add a new Property, click the  button at the top of the screen.

This will open an empty Property record, which is separated in to a number of sections:

General: The General Section contains general information about the Property.

Rooms:  A Room in Chintaro indicates the ability to have a Tenancy. Rooms in Chintaro mean one Tenantable Unit, or one Tenancy Agreement. The property MUST have at least 1 room if you intend on creating a tenancy in the property. 

Rooms are covered in detail in this link.

Tags and Alerts: The Tags and Alerts section is where you can add specific characteristics to Properties, to group your Properties in different ways. The Tags and Alerts section on the Property record consists of: Alerts, Tags, Disability Modifications, Construction, Utilities and Tenant Alterations.

Related Links: The Related Links section allows you to link information that is stored on your computer network to a Property record in Chintaro.

Complaints/Incidents: The Complaints/Incidents section is is where you can raise incidents involving this property and view existing incident history.

Processes: The Processes section is where you can see the status of your internal processes involving this property such as your Maintenance processes.

Notes: The Notes Section is where you record Notes about the Property History, and where the System will make Notes about the Property.

Property Functions: The Property Functions are the blue buttons at the top of the Property Record. These include Functions for viewing Inspections, a Key Register, recording Inventory Items that are in your Properties, recording Mortgage Details, recording the Insurance Details for the Property, adding Lease details if you are leasing the property from another Organisation, a Rates function to record expenditure on a Property, Property Charges, the Maintenance Schedule for the Property, the Forecast Maintenance for a Property, add Additional Details for a Property, Other Rooms, the Room Details default view & the Property Transactions Ledger.

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Adding a Property for Australian Users Video

Adding a Property for New Zealand Users Video