This Solution will explain what each of the fields in the General section of the Property screen is used for:

Property Name: As the Property Name is used for sorting purposes on search screens, it is recommended that you name your properties by the street name, followed by the number of the property (EG. SMITH 10 for 10 Smith Street). Entering Property names in this way will allow you to filter your Properties in alphabetical order.

Account Number: Use this field to enter an external Reference number for the Property.

CPG #:
Is used to record the Community Partnerships & Growth number of the Property, if applicable. This field may say ISIP# if you are not in South Australia. If you would like to record another external number for your Properties, you can use the ISIP field to do so.

The residential address of the property.

City: Type the city of your Property in this field, or select the city from the drop down list. The State & Postcode will default when you press <ENTER> or <TAB>.

Is used to group your Properties in to geographical regions (EG North, South, East, etc.)

Online Date:
The date that the Property came in to your Organisation’s possession.

Returned Date:
The date the Property will be (or has been) returned to the owner, if applicable.

Target Group:  Identifies the sector of the community that this Property is targeted for (EG Homeless, Youth, Men’s Housing, etc.)

All drop down lists in Chintaro are completely customisable to suit your organisation. Your System Administrator can add or remove items in the drop down lists by going in to System Maintenance> Reference Tables.

Program: Identifies which part of your business the Property is used for (EG Group Housing, Rooming House, Crisis Accommodation, etc.)

Property Type:
Identifies what sort of Property this is (EG House, Flat, etc.)

Construction type:
Identifies the construction type of the Property (EG Weatherboard, Solid Brick, etc.)

Land Area:
The land area of the Property, to be entered in square meters.

The last valuation figure of the Property, to be entered in dollars.

Last Valuation:
The date the last valuation was conducted.

Charged To:
If you are using the Property Charges Screen, this field will show the date the Property Lease costs have been charged to.

Num Bedrooms:
The number of bedrooms in the Property, to be entered numerically.

Num Toilets:
The number of toilets in the Property, to be entered numerically.

Num Bathrooms:
The number of bathrooms in the Property, to be entered numerically.

Garage (Num Cars): 
The number of cars that the garage houses, to be entered numerically (if applicable).

Car port (Num Cars):
The number of cars that the car port houses, to be entered numerically (if applicable).

Property Manager:
Is used to identify the person or Organisation who manages the Property. Property Managers are added/removed via the Properties Sub-Menu> Property Managers screen.

Is used to identify the internal or external Owner of the Property. Property Owners are added/removed via the Properties Sub-Menu> Property Owners screen.

Head Contractor:
Is used to identify a Head Contractor for the maintenance on the Property. If you do not have a specific Head Contractor who is used for maintenance on the Property, and the Property is maintained by multiple Contractors, leave this field blank.

Cost Centre:
Enter a specific Cost Centre for this property, which can be included in exports, including exports to you General Ledger

Identifies how the Property is funded (EG Joint Venture Funding, THM, etc.)

Project Code:
Is used by your Organisation for further grouping of your Property.

Nomination Rights: 
Is used to record an Organisation who have Nomination Rights to the Property, whereby the Organisation will have rights to select Tenants for the Property.

Strata Company:
Is used if you have Strata Companies for your Properties.

Rent Area Override:
If your Property uses a different rent calculator than your normal one, you can enter the Calculator required here.

Hot Water Type, Stove Type, Heating Type:
Are used to record the Hot Water, Stove & Heating Types.

Sewerage, Power, Water:
Are used to record the source of Sewerage, Power & Water.

Enter any general Comments about your Property in the Comments section. This will be information that you want Chintaro users to see each time the Property record is opened. This differs from Property Notes which builds up a history of the Property. 

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