Preparing Chintaro for running the NRS Asset List

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The NRSCH Asset report forms part of the reporting requirements of the National Regulatory System Community Housing. The template is populated by data in Chintaro, which providers use when submitting reports required for registering and maintaining registration, under the NRSCH (NRSCH 2020). 

For a full description of each data field in the NRSCH Asset report, open the template and click on the 'Guidance' tab for more information: 

This solution details how to enter the data required for the NRSCH Report in to Chintaro. 

Preparing Chintaro to run the NRSCH Asset List

Column in NRS ReportScreenshot in ChintaroDescriptionReference Table
A. Confidential Property

B. Unit NumberFrom Property Screen > Reporting Tab > Address fieldN/A (Free text field)
C. Street NumberFrom Property Screen > Reporting Tab > Address fieldN/A (Free text field)
D. Street NameFrom Property Screen > Reporting Tab > Address fieldN/A (Free text field)

Acceptable responses:
  • No abbreviations (EG must be Street not St)
E. SuburbFrom Property Screen > Reporting Tab > City fieldSystem Maintenance > Reference Tables > City

Acceptable responses:
  • All uppercase

F. StateFrom Property Screen > Reporting Tab > State fieldSystem Maintenance > Reference Tables > City

Acceptable responses:
  • ACT
  • NSW
  • NT
  • QLD
  • SA
  • TAS
  • WA
  • VIC

G. PostcodeFrom Property Screen > Postcode fieldSystem Maintenance > Reference Tables > City
H. Number of bedroomsFrom Property Screen > Number of Bedrooms fieldN/A (Free text field)

Number of actual bedrooms in Property - different from tenantable units in Property.
I. Property TypeFrom Property Screen >Reporting screen > Housing Use Type fieldSystem Maintenance > Reference Tables > Accommodation Type

Acceptable options:
  • Separate House
  • Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse
  • Flat, unit or apartment
  • House or flat attached to a shop, office
  • Boarding/rooming house unit
  • Vacant land
  • Non-residential (i.e. the property is being used for housing purposes but is not tenanted)
  • Property held for disposal / redevelopment / sale
  • Other
J. Housing Agency/Dwelling IdentifierFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Housing Agency Identifier fieldN/A (Free text field)

Leave blank if not applicable
K. Property SourceFrom Property Screen > NRS Data > NRS Property Source fieldSystem Maintenance > Reference Tables > NRS Property Source

Acceptable options:
  • Acquisition/purchase
  • Construction/Development
  • Managed - fee for service (service concession agreement)
  • Managed - fee for service (Social Housing)
  • managed - Lease from housing agency/ Department
  • Managed - Leased from  third party
  • Merged with organisation
  • Stock Transfer
L. Acquisition DateProperty screen > NRS Reporting tab > Acquisition Date fieldN/A (Free text field)
M. Dwelling Construction TypeFrom Property Screen > Construction Type drop down System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Construction Type

Acceptable options:
  • Brick
  • Brick Veneer
  • Cement
  • Composite
  • Double Brick
  • Fibro
  • Iron
  • Other
  • Rendered
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Timber
  • Vinyl Cladding
N. Year of ConstructionFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Year ConstructedN/A (Free text field)

Acceptable response:
  • Estimate if actual year not known
O. Disposal Date From Property Screen > Reporting tab > Returned Date fieldN/A (Free text field)
P. Asset ClassFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Asset Class fieldSelect from acceptable options:
  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E
  • Other

Full description in Guidance tab of class specification, please open the Guidance tab of the NRS Asset List. 

Q. If Asset Class, enter other commentsFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Asset Class (if other) fieldN/A (Free text field)
R. Additional Conditions to allocate PropertyFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Additional Conditions fieldAcceptable options:
  • Nomination by other agency
  • Targeted client group
  • Disability
  • Homelessness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Other
S. Title ReferenceFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Certificate of Title fieldLand title reference number. If nothing entered in field, Chintaro will populate 'Unknown'.
T. Is Property owned or managedFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Ownership fieldAcceptable options:
  • Owned (wholly or partly)
  • Managed
U. Managing AgencyFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab >Managing Agency fieldN/A (Free text field)
V. Owner TypeFrom Owners screen > Owner Type drop down

(Home > Properties > Property Owners)
Acceptable options:
  • Registered CHP
  • Non Registered CHP
  • Private Owner/Investor
  • Government
  • Other
W. If owner is another registered provider, enter provider nameFrom Owners screen > If owner is another registered provider, please enter the name of the Provider field

(Home > Properties > Property Owners)
N/A (Free text field)
X. Maintenance LiabilityFrom Property Screen > Reporting tab > Maintenance Liability drop downAcceptable options:
  • No responsibility
  • Responsive repairs only
  • Responsive and cyclical/planned
  • All responsibilities (including structural)
Y. State vested Authority with vested interest
From Property Screen > Reporting tab > State Vested Interest tick box and If Yes, which State or Territory holds the interest drop down

Both tick box and drop down must be entered if yes, left blank if no.
Acceptable responses:
  • No
  • ACT
  • NSW
  • NT
  • QLD
  • SA
  • TAS
  • WA
  • VIC

Z. Program TypeFrom Property Screen > Program FieldSystem Maintenance > Reference Tables > Program > NRS Type

NRS Type must be selected for each Program in the above Reference Table.

Acceptable options:
  • Crisis
  • Boarding / rooming house
  • National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)
  • SDA
  • Long term community housing
  • Short to medium term housing
  • Other
  • Private Rental/Housing
AA. Number of Tenancies at full capacityAuto calculated number from number of Rooms in Property > Rooms section.N/A
AB. Comments

Running the NRS Asset List from Chintaro

Once you have entered all applicable data in Chintaro, you can run the NRS Asset List.

For further assistance with the NRS Asset List

For further assistance with the NRS Asset List data, please contact


NRSCH (ND), Provider Reporting Templates [Online]. Available at: (accessed 04 May 2020).

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