What's New in the July 2020 release?

Modified on Tue, 10 Nov 2020 at 04:24 PM

This solution details the enhancements made to the July 2020 versions of Chintaro. The changes to SQL are at the top, and Access at the bottom.

Chintaro SQL Enhancements

Finance Enhancements: 

  • Total of transactions in file now appears on import screens: visible on both 1 and 2 line screens:

Property Enhancements:

  • NZ Insulation details added to Manage Properties screen and saved view of those fields available as template: Useful for reporting on NZ Insulation Statements, the saved view can be selected via Manage Properties > Saved Views > NZ Insulation (Preset). The screen will change to show the presets related only to the Insulation Statements for reporting: 
  • Manage Owners screen:  Postcode and State fields have been added to the Manage Owners screen. Properties> Property Owners:
  • NRS Property Source field added: New field NRS Property Source on the Property > Reporting screen for the NRS Asset List report:

  • Change of name to CaPMH Data field 'Property Source': Renamed to 'CAPMH Property Source' on the Property> Reporting screen:

  • Manage Property Screen - New columns added: CAPMH Property Source and NRS Property Source have been added for managing individual views.

  • NRS Report - Date Acquired change: The Year Acquired has been changed to Date Acquired on the Property screen > Reporting section.

  • Returned Date on Property closes off Occupancy History on Room: Entering a returned date on the room will close the Occupancy history of the room as at that date.
  • New Field of 'Re-let Untenantable' added to Tenancy Screen > Reporting section: Used in NRSCH Reporting, box is automatically ticked when occupancy calculation is run:

Report and Export Enhancements:

  •  Lease Report added to SQL from Access: Home > Reports & Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Lease Report

System Maintenance Enhancements: 

  • Security added to 'Rooms' word in Property screen: to prevent certain user roles from being able ton force a change of Room Status.

Bug Fixes:

  • SA Rent Statement showing 1899 Date for Tenancy with no payments - fixed, now shows day before Tenancy Start Date.
  • Tradespeople Region field was not displaying correctly on the Manage Tradespeople screen. Fixed.
  • Tradesperson Trade Types field wasn't displaying correctly.  Fixed.
  • Export from the Schedule Inspections screen was causing an error #3061. Fixed.
  • Scheduled inspections when using PIM were not displaying in the home screen summary correctly. Fixed
  • Home> Add maintenance task > select a property was not adding the order number or tenant's details. Fixed.
  • Home> Maintenance> open a task> click Tradesperson details> click back arrow or exit to return to the maintenance task was causing an error message #13. Fixed
  • Multiple transaction invoice was not showing transactions. Fixed.
  • BPay logo and description changed to match ANZ bank requirements.
  • Home> Tenancy> highlight a tenant> word merge> select Arrears type merge >Click Word merge Arrears was not merging correctly. Fixed
  • Home> System Maintenance> Bulletin Update screen buttons for Change Font and Change Text Colour have been removed. Font properties are now set using the pop-up toolbar.  Change Background Colour has been fixed.
  • In the event that a property has a room that was VUT for the reporting period, RentArrears will be non-existent, causing the RoomID to be null. This ultimately led to errors when uploading to AHO's portal. Fixed.
  • Tenancy Balances screen issues including Rent Balance Accrued, Tenancy Status As At Date and screen filtering for Tenants after As At Date - fixed.
  • Home> Audit> View Buffer Account> Export button was causing error #3131. Fixed.
  • Search Screen "Best Fit" - Doesn't save. Fixed.
  • NRS Compliance Report requires a name change in Chintaro to NRS Asset List as per NRS terminology. Fixed.
  • Property Type wrong - should be pulling 'Property Type' from Chintaro, currently using Accomodation Type from the NRS Reporting tab on the property. 'Accomodation Type' is not under NRS reporting. Fixed.
  • Rent Rebate Report issue - If the first day of the month and the last day of the month is VUT, the report shows 30/31 days VUT, even though there were other statuses between the two VUT periods. Fixed.
  • Error message #3078 when attempting to use Finance> GL Exports> Property Transactions. Fixed. 
  • Tenancy with All Client Details export issue - fixed (runs in open in excel now only).
  • Copied Maintenance Task showing in small window - fixed to show in full screen.

Both Access and SQL NAHA 2020 Reporting Screen

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