What's New in the July 2019 release?

Modified on Tue, 27 Aug 2019 at 01:24 PM

This solution details the enhancements made to the July 2019 versions of Chintaro. The changes to SQL are at the top, and Access at the bottom.

Chintaro SQL Enhancements

Client Enhancements:

  • Client Screen > Income section > Add Income >Include as Income was unticked.   By default it will be ticked, unless the preference is set to not include as income by default.

    To change the default preference, goto Home > System Maintenance > Preferences >Tenancies Rent > Include As Income Default

Reports/Exports Enhancements:

  • Added a new General Ledger Export Type (AHC) to be used for MYOB.  (Set in Home > System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance > General Ledger Format).  A GL export with this format will look like this:


  • Added the THM Continuation - All Export (SAS)
  • Added Reports & Exports > QLD > Yarrabah Reporting screen (YASC)
  • Added Postal Address and Email to the Tenancy > Water Balances Export
  • Added Export for SAS called NAHA Data Salvos.
  • Added the Bond Reference Field to the Exports > Finance > Tenancy Bond export (FOHA)

Tenancy Enhancements:

  • Last Payment Date added to Rent Review screen:  For Tenancy Managers to apply a Rent Review as at a date in relation to their last payment date (EG Rent Review effective 2-4 weeks after last payment date). Home > Tenancies > Rent Review:

  • The Bond Reference field was added as a field to the Tenancy Bond export. Home > Reports and Exports > Exports > Finance > Tenancy Bond.

  • Added the Tradesperson Email address to Manage Maintenance Tasks Screen. Home > Property Maintenance > Manage Property Maintenance.

Property Enhancements:

  • Added Future Planning Intent and Future Planning Date to the Additional Details Menu on the Property Screen:

Bug Fixes:

  • Users in level 1-8 Security > able to see all System Maintenance screens - fixed and can now only see the Change Password screen.
  • Add the "Create Fixed Payment Report" button to the CPG Capital Contribution Statements screen - fixed and included on this screen.
  • Report > Finance > Property Income & Expense Summary was not including Tenancy Transactions - fixed to include tenancy transactions. 
  • Tenancy > Statements > Non Rent Statements had an address overlap - fixed.
  • Manage Properties Screen had two online date columns instead of an online date and returned date column - fixed.
  • Error #3265 DAO.QueryDefs Item not found in this Collection when running Export > Tenancies > Vacancy Report - Reasons For Leaving - fixed.
  • Error #3079 DAO.Database When running the Export > Property & Maintenance > FHL Property Maintenance KPIs - Fixed.
  • When adding a Property Transaction from a Maintenance Task, the GST amount was carried across to the transaction on the Property Transactions Ledger - Fixed.

Chintaro Access Enhancements

Client Enhancements:

  • Added the field CID to the Manage Client Screen

Reports/Exports Enhancements:

  • Added the Bond Reference Field to the Exports > Finance > Tenancy Bond export (FOHA)

Bug Fixes:

  • Budget Column in the Property Maintenance Concise Report was too small and reporting #### instead of values - fixed.
  • Error when trying to De-list a Waiting List Client - fixed.

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