Property Managers

Property Managers are the individuals or organisations responsible for managing your properties. They may be people internal to your organisation, property or maintenance workers or may be external Organisations such as Real Estate agents or other Organisations that manage Properties. 

You can filter many reports by Property/Tenancy Manager so it’s important to allocate these roles to your Properties and Tenancies if you want to be able to report on this. Property Managers are found on each Property Record in the General section: 


The Property Manager drop down list doubles as the Tenancy Manager drop down list. There is a similar field on the Tenancy screen called Tenancy Manager, and this is because Tenancy Manager and Property Manager Roles are often undertaken by the same people.

Adding a new Property Manager

To access the Property Manager screen, from the Home Screen, click Properties, and then click Property Managers. The Property Manager/Tenancy Manager screen will open.

To add a new Property Manager, click . A blank Property Manager screen will open:

Enter the Manager's Name, select the Chintaro Username from the drop down list (if they are a Property Manager within your organisation), and enter the Property Manager’s Job Title. 

If you would like to email notes to the Property Manager, ensure you enter their Email address.

If you are adding an internal manager, you do not have to fill out information such as Address, Contact Name 1 if this is not relevant.

If you are adding an external Property Manager, enter all relevant information in the other fields. Bank Name, BSB & Account Number are only used for external Property Managers.  

Exit the screen to save the record.

You will now be able to select the manager you just added on the Property screen.

Property Managers eLearning Video