This article highlights the types of information that your Organisation will prepare before Chintaro training commences.The information that you currently have may be in Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, hard copies, or in another format.

If you have limited data, or you do not have the information readily available before the Chintaro training commences, only gather the information that you currently have available to you

Please Note: Do not create any documents specifically for the Chintaro training, as we will enter the data as part of the training process. 

 The type of information you gather will be allocated to a category within Chintaro. These categories are as follows:

  • Clients
  • Properties
  • Tenancies including Tenancy Balances/Opening Balances including Arrears, Rent Records
  • Waiting List (if applicable)
  • Property Maintenance History
  • Tradespeople

 Client Data

The information about your Clients (every individual that your Organisation comes in to contact with, including Tenants, Children, Spouse/Partner of Tenant, any other Tenants, people who have been Tenants in the past, and people on the Waiting List).

General Information:

Title, Given Name(s), Surname and Also Known As Name

Registration Date (First date Client came in to contact with your Organisation)
Date of Birth

Related Clients (Any other person in the Tenancy EG Spouse, Children, Friend, etc.)

Contact Information: Address, Phone Number(s), Email Address

Kainga Ora Person Reference Number (NZ)/ Public Housing Waiting List Number (AUS)


Demographic Information:
Country where Born

WINZ (NZ) or CRN (AUS) number

(AUS) Rent Assistance Type

(NZ) Community Service Card Number

(NZ) National Health Index Number 

(NZ) Accommodation Supplement Type

Next of Kin Information:

2 instances of Next of Kin: 



Phone Number

Relationship to Tenant

Property Data

The information about your Properties that your Clients are tenanted in to. The most important section in the Property record is the ‘Room Information’ consisting of the Type (One Tenancy Agreement per Property, or multiple Tenancy Agreements per Property).

General Information:

Property Name  


Online Date (Date your Organisation acquired the Property)

Program (Stream of Business)

Property Details such as Construction Type, Land Area 

Number of Bedrooms, Toilets, Bathrooms

Garage/Car Port spaces

Property Manager


Maintenance Information:

Hot Water Type, Stove Type, Heating Type, Sewerage, Power and Water types.

Room Information: 

Type (House, Unit, Medium Bedroom, etc) 

Market Rent 

Mortgage Information:

2 instances of Mortgages: 

Purchase Price

Guarantee Date

Mortgage Provider Contact Information – Name, Address, Phone Number

Mortgage Number

Mortgage Amount

Payment and Frequency

Payment Status

Insurance Information:

Insurer Name


Contact Phones

Insurance Type

Policy Number

Insured Value

Expiry Date

Tenancy Data

The information about the Clients who are currently Tenanted in your Properties. The most important sections of Tenancy Record are the Client/Household who are in the Tenancy, the Tenancy Start Date, Current Weekly Rent, and opening balance. 


General Information:

Tenancy Start Date

Payment Book ID (If Tenant pays via Bank Account)

Payment Type

Last Inspection and Next Inspection fields

Tenancy Manager




Rent Information:  

Opening Balance

Current Weekly Rent Amount 

Details on other Charges

Bond Information:

Bond Reference Number

Bond Registration Number

Bond Amount

Bond Lodged Date

Bond Transferred Date

If the Bond provided to the Tenant is a Bond Loan

Waiting List Data

The information about your Clients who are on your Waiting List (if you have a Waiting List, and would like to use Chintaro to manage it). 

Waiting List Information:

Wait List Classifications (Type 1-4)

Household Type

Current Rent

Application Date

Date of Last Contact

Preferences for Housing

Number in Household

If the Client is awaiting a Transfer of Rooms/Properties within your Organisation

Tradespeople Data

The information about the people or Organisations who you assign your Property Maintenance to. 

Tradespeople Information:

Trading Name, Type and Address

Contact Name(S) 

Contact Person’s Phone Number, Fax and Email Address

BSB and Account Number

Work Order Template (if Tradesperson has supplied you with a specific Work Order template)

Property Maintenance Data

The information about the history of Maintenance that has taken place at your Properties.

Property Maintenance Information:

Property that had Maintenance

Room/Location that had Maintenance 

Date of Maintenance

The type of Maintenance that occurred (Responsive, Cyclical, Inspections, Vacating, etc.)

The Maintenance Instructions sent to the Tradesperson (Work’s Requested)

The Cost of the Maintenance

The Completed Date

Invoice Number

Cost of Maintenance

If you have any questions, please contact for assistance.