Backing Up your Chintaro Databases

Modified on Tue, 17 May 2022 at 02:55 PM

NOTE: If you have a Chintaro Cloud subscription, you do not need to perform database backups. Chintaro Support will do this for you.

Regularly backing up your Chintaro database is very important - you don't want to lose all of your hard work. One day, your hard disk will fail and you will need to rely on a backup of your database to restore your data.


How often should we back up?

It is very important that you back up your Chintaro databases every day. If you only back up once a week and your hard disk does fail, you run the risk of losing a week's worth of work. 

What do we back up?

It is recommended that you back up your entire Chintaro\Data folder daily. If you are on a network, this folder will be on your Shared Drive (e.g. S:\Chintaro\Data). To find the location of your Chintaro\Data folder, right click on your Chintaro icon on your desktop, and click on Properties. 

The location of the data folder will show in the Target Line (e.g. S:\Chintaro\Data)


How do we back up our Chintaro databases?

For small Organisations using MS Access to run Chintaro: If you are a small organisation with one or two users who use Chintaro, backing up your database is as easy as copying the entire Chintaro\Data folder on to a USB (memory) stick at the end of every day. 

There are commercial backup utilities that backup your files to the cloud regularly, and keep multiple copies of your data.  Once set up, these backups happen automatically and you never need to worry about it again until disaster strikes.  For more information on these, you could click this link PC Magazine - The Best Online Backup Services of 2016

For larger Organisations using MS Access to run Chintaro: Your Chintaro\Data folder will most likely be on your Shared Drive, and is probably being backed up by your IT Administrator already. If you are unsure about this, please contact your IT Support team for assistance.

For Chintaro Organisations using SQL Server: You will need to back up both your Chintaro\Data folder, and your SQL database. If you are a large Organisation, your Chintaro\Data folder and SQL Database are probably being backed up by your IT Administrator already. 

NOTE: You do not need to back up your version of the code (chintaro.mdb file). Chintaro Support will always have a backup of the code if you lose this. 

If you require further assistance from Chintaro Support

Please raise a ticket with Chintaro Support by emailing if you would like further assistance.

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