Chintaro Settings

 1. Purchase a PIM Premium account from the Property Inspection Manager website (, by clicking Signup/Login, and then clicking  


2. Email Chintaro Support ( advising that you have purchased a PIM Premium account and you require a private web database to be set up on your Organisation’s behalf.



3. Chintaro Support will email you back with a database name. In Chintaro, go in to System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Parameters and scroll down until you find Webservicedb in the Parm column. 

NOTE: When you click in the Parm Text field, press the backspace key, then key exactly what Chintaro Support have emailed to you in the Parm Text column. Ensure the is no space between the database name and the beginning of the field. This is very important - if there is a space, inspections will not be sent back to Chintaro. EG No space below:

4. After you've entered the database name and ensured that there is no space before the database name and the beginning of the field, select the Reference Table Inspection Type. Enter the types of Inspections that your Organisation will be conducting in the Inspection Type column. You are able to enter as many Inspection Types as you would like. Ensure the Active box is ticked:

5. Click the back button and go in to Preferences> Maintenance. Ensure that the Inspection Type Default field is set to scheduled. Ensure all other Inspection Preferences are correct for your Organisation. 

NOTE: PIM User must be set to Yes and you will need to change the PIM Export Folder and PIM Image folder to the mapping of your Chintaro\Data\Inspection_Exports and Chintaro\Data\Inspection_Images folders.

PIM Settings

6. Once you have downloaded the PIM app, tap 'Settings' at the bottom of the screen:

7. Tap 'About the App and Advanced Setup':

8. Go to the 'Chintaro Settings'. Tap the toggle on the right hand side to enable Chintaro (Beta):

9. The toggle will turn on (green) and a message will appear. Click OK to this message:

10. You will be prompted with a 'Password Protected' pop up. You will need to enter the password of C2015

NOTE: This password is case sensitive. You must enter the c as a capital letter. 

Click OK when you have entered the password. 

11.  You will be prompted the Chintaro functionality has now been enabled in PIM.

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