Property Maintenance - Completing a Maintenance Task

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When the work has been finalised for the Maintenance Task, you will need to enter the Completion Details to complete the task. 

Completing the Maintenance Task 

First, open the Maintenance Task that you wish to close, from the Maintenance tab in the Toolbar. 

Search for the task and double click to open. Click Completion Details and enter the following information:

Scheduled CompletionThe Scheduled Completion date is linked to the Urgency field on the Maintenance Task Screen. 
Actual CompletionEnter the date the Maintenance Task was completed by the Tradesperson.

When a date is entered into the Actual Completion field and you click elsewhere on the screen, the  box will automatically untick, indicating that the Maintenance Task has been completed. To make the task active again, remove the Actual Completion Date, and click elsewhere on the screen.
Elapsed TimeThe time from when the task was created, and will stop when the task has completed. 
Invoice PaidDate the Tradesperson’s invoice was paid for the Maintenance Task.
Tenants ConfirmationThe date the Tenant confirmed the work was completed. 
Cost CentreSelect the Cost Centre of the property for General Ledger Exports.
Work Completed

The details the Tradesperson gave you regarding the work that was completed from the invoice. This will record the history of the Maintenance Task.
GL Batch NoUsed to code the Work Order to a particular General Ledger account which forms part of an extract to MYOB.
Invoice #Enter the invoice number provided by the Tradesperson.
Scan Reference:
The Scan Reference field is an auto-generated number required for General Ledger Exports to TechOne for the Salvation Army only. 
Time Spent (Mins)
Used if you have an internal Tradesperson completing the Maintenance Tasks and you want to record how much time was spent in completing this task. If you have external Tradespeople completing Maintenance Requests, leave this field blank.
Completed Satisfactorily?
Tick the Completed Satisfactorily box to indicate if the work was completed to your Organisation’s satisfaction.
Confirmed for Payment 
Tick the box when your Finance team have confirmed the payment can be made.

Adding Costs to a Maintenance Task

The cost fields are used to estimate costs and record how much the Maintenance Task actually cost your Organisation.

Estimated CostCan be entered when creating the Maintenance Task. Enter the Estimated cost of repairing the item. Press <TAB> on your keyboard to show the estimated GST (10% in Australia & 15% in New Zealand).
Budget CostCan be entered when creating the Maintenance Task. Enter the Budget Cost of repairing the item. Press <TAB> on your keyboard to show the estimated GST (10% in Australia & 15% in New Zealand).
Actual CostEnter the Actual cost (including GST) of repairing the item once the work have been completed by the Tradesperson.  Press <TAB> on your keyboard to show the estimated GST (10% in Australia & 15% in New Zealand).

Creating a transaction manually to record the maintenance costs on the Property ledger

When a Maintenance Task has been completed, you may want to cost the Maintenance against the Property. You must have an Invoice Paid date and Actual Cost before you can create the transaction.

To create a Property Transaction, click Create Property TxnChintaro will advise you the Property Transaction has been created 

The Property Transaction will now appear in the Property Transactions ledger on the Property Record.

**Note: You can change the default property transaction by going into System Maintenance > Preferences > Maintenance

Creating Property Transactions automatically from Maintenance Tasks

If you would like a property transaction created automatically whenever you complete a maintenance task, it is easy to setup.

First, make sure that you have setup your default transaction type.  Go into System Maintenance > Preferences > Maintenance: 

If the transaction type doesn't exist yet, you can create one by adding an entry to the Transaction Type Property reference table (System Maintenance >Reference Tables):

Next, go to the Parameters reference table in the same section and scroll down to the parameter called SyncPropertyTxn.  Set the number in the Parm Number column to -1:

In order for the transaction to be created, both the Invoice Paid date and Actual Cost must be filled in on the Completion Details tab of the maintenance task:

The property transaction will be created when the blue EXIT button is pressed to exit the task.  It can be viewed in the property transactions ledger.

Create a Property Note from a Maintenance Task

When a Maintenance Task has been completed, you may want to record a Property Note with the details of the completed task. 

To create a Property Note, click Create Property NoteThe Note Type should display as Maintenance.

Chintaro will advise you the Property Note has been created and the Maintenance Note will now appear in the Notes section of the Property screen. Double click on the Note to open the details of the Note, which will include the Works Requested & the Works Completed fields. 

Copy a Maintenance Task

You have the ability to copy the Maintenance Task to other Properties if you are creating a number of Maintenance Tasks that are the same. 

To copy the Maintenance Task to other Properties, click Copy This Task. The Copy Work Order pop up box will appear, where you select the Property & the Inventory Item to copy the Task to.

After selecting a Property & Inventory Item, click Update.

A pop up box will appear, asking if you are sure you want to copy the Maintenance Task. Click Yes to copy the task to the selected Property.

Another pop up box will appear, asking if you want a new auto-generated Order Number for the new Maintenance Task. Clicking Yes will generate a new order number for the new task, and clicking No will keep the order number of the Task that is being copied.


The copied task will now appear in the Maintenance search screen, in the Maintenance function of the Property, and in the Incomplete Maintenance Task Status Bar on the Home Screen.

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