If you are using Property Inspection Manager to complete your inspections and after entering your Chintaro username and password it is taking a long time to load the Home Screen, it is most likely due to the data it is trying to receive from your priavte Web Server database. 

When you 'Submit Inspections' from PIM, they are sent to your private web server database, and when you log in to Chintaro, the code is written to look for any new inspections and pull them in to your 'Inspection Reviews' box on the Home Screen:

If there is a large amount of data to import, (EG many completed inspections including photos), you will want to turn this process off and manually import inspections in bulk once you have logged in.

Turning the 'PIM Import on Startup' Preference Off

To do this, from the Home Screen > System Maintenance > Preferences > Maintenance and set the PIM Import on Startup? Preference to No:

Importing Inspections in bulk

Once you have turned the Preference off, you will need to use a screen in Chintaro to import your inspections. 

From the Home Screen > Property Maintenance> Inspections> Import Inspections


The Import Inspections screen will open:


Chintaro will advise you of the number of Scheduled Inspections that require importing at the top of the screen (inspections that have been scheduled and are awaiting the inspection data back from PIM).


Click . Chintaro will connect to your web server database and download the completed Inspections. Any Inspections that have not been completed will remain on the Import Inspections screen.