Completing Inspections in Chintaro (PIM/Non-Cloud users only)

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Step 1: Schedule Inspection Dates

To schedule inspections, from the Home Screen, click Property Maintenance> Inspections> Schedule Inspections. 

This screen is designed to schedule inspections for Rooms in bulk. You may not know the dates that you will be inspecting some Properties/Rooms, and if this is the case, leave these Properties/Rooms without a Next Inspection Date until you do know the date you will be inspecting the Room.


For the Rooms that you do know the date that you will be inspecting, double click on the row of the Room to open the Room Details pop up box. Enter the Next Inspection field and change the Inspection Type field if required. Select the Inspection Interval if not already pouplated.


Click Update. The Next Inspection and the Day of Week fields will be populated. (You can change the Next Inspection Date by typing over the date and pressing <TAB> if you have entered the wrong date).

Select a time you will be inspecting each Room (that has an allocated date) from the drop down list in the time column, if known. Inspection times can be added at a later date if you are scheduling Inspection dates only.


Repeat the above steps for all of the Rooms that you want to schedule the inspections for, then select the Rooms you want to create the inspections for by clicking the Include box on the left:


Click Process Schedule. Processing the Schedule will do 2 things- it will create Scheduled Inspections for the Properties you selected in Chintaro (and automatically change the Next Inspection Date), and it will also create a file that you will upload to the PIM website.


 The number of Scheduled Inspections will now appear in the Control Panel on the Home Screen.


Step 2: Upload Scheduled Inspection Data to PIM Website

After you have scheduled your inspections in Chintaro, you will need to upload the file with the Inspections data that you created from Chintaro to the Property Inspection Manager (PIM) website

From the Home Page, click Signup/Login

Sign in with your Email Address & Password. Click

Click the  tab


Import the file Chintaro created:


1.  Select the Product/Version: Drop the list down, and select Chintaro


2.  Click Choose File, and select the file from the C:/CHINTARO/Data/Inspections_Export folder (or whichever directory you have specified in Chintaro preferences).

All PIM Export files in the Inspections_Export folder will be named PIM_YEAR_MONTH_DATE_TIME.csv.


Click Open, and then click

The file will be uploaded to the PIM database successfully.

Step 3: Complete the Inspection in PIM

Complete the inspection in Property Inspection Manager. Click here for a comprehensive guide of how to use PIM.

Step 4: Import the PIM Data back to Chintaro

Once you have completed inspections using the PIM app and you next log in to Chintaro, it will automatically check if there have been any completed inspections to download. Inspections that have been imported will be displayed in the Inspection Review box, on the Control Panel.


If the completed Inspections have not automatically downloaded, you will need to manually import them. From the Home Screen, click Property Maintenance> Inspections> Import Inspections


Chintaro will show you of the number of Scheduled Inspections that require importing (the number of scheduled inspections that require data to come back in to Chintaro).


Click Import Inspections and Chintaro will connect to your web server database and download the completed Inspections. Any Inspections that have not been completed will remain on the Import Inspections screen.

Step 5: Review the Inspection

Inspections that have been completed and imported in to Chintaro will appear as ‘Under Review’. They will appear in this state until you review and finalise the Inspection record. From the Home Screen, double click on the Inspections in the Inspection Reviews box and the Manage Inspections screen will open:

Double click on the Inspection you will review. The Inspection Details screen will open, which is separated in to a number of sections:


General Information Includes the Property Name, Room Number, Inspector, Inspection Type, Inspection date, Completion Date, Tenants Name(s).
Under Review A tick box to indicate that the Inspection has been completed, but requires reviewing.
CommentsAny additional Comments about the Inspection. 
Inspection DetailsThe information from the Inspection that has been downloaded from the PIM app. The columns for the inspection details include the Room that was inspected in the Property, the Maintenance Flag column that indicates that maintenance is required for the Room, the Clean column that indicates the Room was clean, the Undamaged column that indicates the Room was undamaged, the Working column that indicates all facets of the Room were working on Inspection, and the Notes & Additional Notes columns.
Inspection ImagesA list of images taken during the Inspection and the photos taken. 
Maintenance TasksA list of Maintenance Tasks associated with the Inspection.

Raising a Maintenance Task from the Inspection Details record

You are able to raise a Maintenance Task on one or more Inspection items. To raise a Maintenance Task for one or more Inspection Items, tick the Include boxes for each Room requiring Maintenance:


Click Add Maintenance Task. A Maintenance Task screen will open, with the notes from the Inspection details screen in the Instructions field. Property Details will default to the Property the Inspection was conducted in, the Inventory Item will default to General, and the Maintenance Type will default to Responsive (See Solution: Raising a Maintenance Task).

Adding a Property Note from the Inspection Details record

To add a Property Note from the Inspection Details record, click Add Property Note. Enter the details of the Note, and click Add.

Once an Inspection has been reviewed, any necessary Maintenance Tasks have been raised and Property notes have been created, the Inspection will need to be finalised.

Completing/Finalising the Inspection

To finalise an Inspection, click Finalise Inspection

The status will now appear as Review Finalised and the Under Review box will be unticked. You can change the Status of an Inspection any time, by re-ticking the Under Review? box.

Removing the Inspection record from the Manage Inspections screen

The Inspection will still appear in the Manage Inspections screen. If you wish to remove the Inspection from the Manage Inspections screen, you will need to untick the 'Active Inspection' tick box at the bottom of the Inspection record. 

You will still be able to find the Inspection on the Property screen > Inspection tab.

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