Completing Inspections in Chintaro (Non PIM)

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Use this Solution if you are not using the Property Inspection Manager (PIM) app in conjunction with Chintaro to conduct your Inspections.

Scheduling Inspections in Chintaro

From the Home Screen, click Property Maintenance> Inspections> Schedule Inspections. The following screen will appear:


This screen is designed to schedule inspections for Rooms in bulk. You may not know the dates that you will be inspecting some Properties/Rooms, and if this is the case, leave these Properties/Rooms without a Next Inspection Date until you do know the date you will be inspecting the Room. 

Note: If the Room you wish to schedule does not appear in this list, it is likely a result of the Room not having a Inspection Type set. Navigate to the room in question and select an Inspection Type


For the Rooms that you do know the date that you will be inspecting, double click on the row of the Room to open the Room Details pop up box. Enter the Next Inspection field and change the Inspection Type field if required. 


Click Update. The Next Inspection and the Day of Week fields will be populated. (You can change the Next Inspection Date by typing over the date and pressing <TAB> if you have entered the wrong date).


Select a time you will be inspecting each Room (that has an allocated date) from the drop down list in the time column, if known. Inspection times can be added at a later date if you are scheduling Inspection dates only.


Repeat the above steps for all of the Rooms that you want to schedule the inspections for.

Exit the screen to save the data entered.  


NOTE: Although there is a considerable amount of work in setting up the Scheduled Inspections for Rooms, this process will only have to be done once. Chintaro will automatically update the Next Inspection and Last Inspection fields, and once you set up, you will only have to select a time for the next Inspection to take place. 


When you have allocated a date and time for inspecting Rooms, select the Rooms you want to schedule the inspection for by filtering the screen to the Rooms you want to inspect, and click Select All. The inspections that you want to include in the file will have the box ticked. 




Your scheduled inspections will appear in the Inspection Reviews box on the Home Screen:

Entering Data from a Completed Inspection

Once you have scheduled inspections in Chintaro and you have completed the physical inspection of the Room, you will need to enter the data from the Inspection in to Chintaro. 

From the Home Screen> Property Maintenance> Inspections> Manage Inspections.

The following Search Screen will appear: 


Filter this screen to show the Properties/Rooms you have inspected. 


Double click on the row of the Room you have inspected. The following screen will appear:



Manually enter the data recorded from the inspection for each Room:

General Information: Will default, and includes the Property Name, Room Number, Inspector, Inspection Type, Inspection date and Tenants Name(s). You will need to enter the Completion Date as the date you completed the Inspection.

Under Review: Is a tick box to indicate that the Inspection has been completed, but requires reviewing. This is explained in the section Finalising an Inspection at the end of this Solution. 

Comments: Enter any additional Comments about the Inspection.

Inspection Details: In the Inspection Details fields, select the Room you inspected from the drop down list, tick the Maint Flag box if Maintenance is required for the room, or select Clean, Undamaged or Working if applicable. Then, enter any Notes about the Inspection in the Notes or Additional Notes fields. 

Inspection Images: Not applicable to Chintaro users who do not use PIM.

Maintenance Tasks: Is a list of Maintenance Tasks associated with the Inspection.

Raising a Maintenance Task from the Inspection Details record


You are able to raise a Maintenance Task on one or more Inspection items. 

To raise a Maintenance Task for one or more Inspection Items, tick the Include boxes for each Room requiring Maintenance:



A Maintenance Task screen will open, with the notes from the Inspection details screen in the Instructions field. Property Details will default to the Property the Inspection was conducted in, the Inventory Item will default to General, and the Maintenance Type will default to Responsive (See Solution: Raising a Maintenance Task).

Adding a Property Note from the Inspection Details record

To add a Property Note from the Inspection Details record, click 

Enter the details of the Note, and click Add

Finalising an Inspection

Once an Inspection has been reviewed, any necessary Maintenance Tasks have been raised and Property notes have been created, the Inspection will need to be finalised.  

To finalise an Inspection record, click the  button.

The status will now appear as , the Under Review box will be unticked, and the Inspection will appear Inactive in the Manage Inspections screen.


NOTE: You can change the Status of an Inspection any time, by re-ticking thebox. 

Your completed Inspections will appear in the Property screen, under the Inspections button:

The Inspection will show with a Completed Date, the Under Review box unticked, but still Active.

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