There are 2 error messages that you may receive when submitting inspections from PIM to Chintaro. One is a message on PIM saying 'Unable to send maintenance request to Chintaro' when you try and submit the inspection. The other is in Chintaro when you try and import the inspection from PIM, saying 'Download Unsuccessful! Error - Company Code: chintaro_(yourcompany) Incorrect'.

This may be due to your database name being entered incorrectly in the system.

You will need to ask your System Administrator to go to System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Parameters> Webservicedb column.

If there is a space between the beginning of the field and your database name, it will look like this:

If this is the case, delete the space before the database name:

Resubmit your inspections on PIM to Chintaro and your Inspections data will be imported in to Chintaro. If your Inspections data is still not submitting from the PIM app, please contact