When a Room is showing as Occupied and it should be showing as Vacant Tenantable, it will appear like the image below:

You can change this Room Status manually back to Vacant Tenantable.

1. From the Home Screen> click Properties in the Toolbar, and double click on the Property to open the record. 

2. Double click on the word Rooms (NOTE: Rooms is not a button,it is only text and double clicking this word won't look like it does anything yet): 

3. In the Room Status column, click in the box that is showing as Occupied/Vacant Untenantable:

4. Drop the list down and select Vacant Tenantable (when you double clicked the word Rooms before, this allowed you to change the Room Status drop down list):

5. The Room will now show as Vacant Tenantable:

6. Exit the screen to save the change.

If you are having troubles making the Room 'Vacant Tenantable', please email support@chintaro.com.au for assistance.

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