If you have searched for a property in the Manage Properties screen and it doesn't appear, the property has been made inactive. As a default, only active records are visible in Chintaro and inactive records are hidden.


A Property should only be inactivated when it has been returned or sold and when you do not want it to show on reports/exports. Use this solution to find inactivated Properties, and make them active again if this was done in error. This solution details:

Finding an inactivated property

From the toolbar, click Property:

Find the Active column, and click the black funnel icon in the column heading. Tick the Select All box, and click OK:

Chintaro will now show all Active and Inactive Property records and you can search for the inactive property.

If a Property has been made inactive by accident

If a property has been made inactive by accident, you can make it active again so it is visible by default in the property Search Screen. 

Use the steps above to find the inactive Property. Once you have found the Property, double click anywhere along the row to open the Property screen.

At the bottom left hand side of the Property screen, there is an Active Property? tick box. Ticking this box will make the Property screen active again: