What's New in the November 2020 release?

Modified on Thu, 12 Nov 2020 at 11:26 AM

This solution details the enhancements made to the November 2020 SQL version of Chintaro.

Chintaro SQL Enhancements

Finance Enhancements:
  • 3 additional charges added to the Rent Record: Previously, 3 additional charges available on top of a Rent Charge to be added to tenancy when generating rent. This version of Chintaro includes 3 extra additional charges, making a total of 6 additional charges that providers can charge as part of their weekly generating of rent that is on top of a rent charge.

    As a default, the 3 additional charges will be set to 'No' in System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance (additional charge 1, 2 and 3) but turning to 'Yes' will allow the charges to be created. The charges will be created automatically by the system upon updating, but the names will need to be changed in System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Transaction Type to something meaningful to your organisation (can be overwritten directly in the table):

    You will need to tick the appropriate boxes in this screen, and add the Txn Group they belong to also to see the Tenancy Balances on top of the Tenancy screen:
    You will also need to set up the corresponding payments in the Transaction Type Table if those payment types do not exist already for split and arrangement purposes.

    The following screens/functions have been altered to accommodate these changes:
    - System Maintenance > Preferences
    - Tenancy Screen - Rent Record/Edit Rent
    - Tenancy Screen - Payment Arrangements
    - Tenancy Screen - Tenancy Transactions
    - Property Screen - Room Rent Record
    - Property Rent Review
    - Manage Rooms Screen
    - All Finance Screens (import and manual entry)
    - All Centrelink Screens (CBUS and EVOR)
    - Tenancy Letters Bulk Word Merge
    - Bulk Email Statement
    - Rent Review Screen
    - Direct Debit Screen
    - Various Exports (Weekly Rent, Current Rent, Tenancy Balances EOM Rent Agreement and Non Rent Agreement)
    - Occupancy Calculation

  • Several enhancements to Manage Bonds Screen: Additional Columns added ('Outstanding to us', 'Held by us' and 'Held by RTA' as well as 'As At Date' and totals added to top of screen for easier Bond reporting: Manage Bonds Screen

  • 3 Columns added to Dynamics Southern Cross export: JOURNALBATCHNUMBER, LINENUMBER, CURRENCYCODE

  • New GL format added for Dynamics (Uniting Housing): Available in System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance > GL Format
  • 'City' column added to Generate Rent screen: For easier filtering of Tenancies who require rent generated, available in Finance > Rent Functions > Generate Rent
  • SunSystems (Wellways) GL Export file minor changes: Now includes a comma at the end of each line to mark the end of a record, removed the header field “Program” – this will result in 13 values, and 13 commas,  TaxCode available for Bond transactions (as it does for transaction).
  • Comment field editable on Export GL Transactions screen: For Dynamix Uniting Vic.
  • Extra fields added to Manage Tenancy Transactions Screen: Finance > Tenancy Transaction Functions > Manage Tenancy Transactions now contains the following extra fields: Property.ISIP, Property.AccountNumber, Region, OrgRegion, Property.RoomNumber, Tenancy.Payment
  • Imported Bank Payments add Transaction Date in the Comment field on Tenancy Transaction

Property Enhancements:

  • 'NZ Insulation (Preset)' Save View added to the Manage Properties screen: For NZ users to export their NZ Insulation Statement information:

  • Change to Property Alerts to now add automatically to Work Order: When a Property Alert is now added to a Property, Chintaro will ask if you want to auto-add this to any work order > Tradesperson Alerts section. Clicking 'Yes' to the following message populates every Work Order at this Property with this Alert.

  • Add Property Name and Property Address to Room Details Screen: Properties > Manage Rooms:

Property Maintenance Enhancements:

  • Warning message when opening Maintenance Task regarding changing Tradesperson when changing Inventory Item: For organisations who want to change the tradesperson on a task to link to the tradesperson on an inventory item, a warning message can appear to advise the following (set via System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters > MaintenanceTradespersonPrompt> ParmNumber column = -1):

  • Maintenance Manager Import Integration added : For customers of Maintenance Manager, import function now available in Property Maintenance > Maintenance Manager Import
  • 'KPM Maint Type' added to Manage Tradespeople screen: For easier identification for KPM Report for Victorian Chintaro users.

  • Property Cost Centre now populates on opening of a Maintenance Task: If a Cost Centre selected on a Property, Chintaro will populate this code in the completion details of the Maintenance Task when opening

Reports and Exports Enhancements:

  • HPF Report screen changes: HPF Report screen changed to make this report easier to run. More information about these changes is found in this link.
  • VRS Segment Added to Statutory Reporting Analyser: Can set VRS Segment in Program Reference table and view in VRS Reports using the Statutory Reporting Analyser.
  • Forecast Maintenance Detail Report: Formatting of report changed to show totals at bottom of last entry.
  • The Rent Report: A new report has been added for Launch Housing that is similar to the Rent Report that can be run from PAMS.

System Maintenance Enhancements:

  • System Maintenance > Reference Tables now audited for all changes: Previously not recorded, Reference Table Audit information now available in Audit > View Audit under UsysfMaintNAMEOFTABLE:

  • KPM Type column added to Program reference table

Tenancy Enhancements:

  • Blue 'Quickfind' fields added to Known as Name and Given Name: Quickfind fields allow you to type directly in to that field to search. Added to Manage Clients and Manage Tenancies to allow you to quickly find a Client/Tenant by first name or known as name. Home > Clients > Manage Clients
  • Statement Sort Order - preference to select which type of transaction will appear first: When multiple transactions on the same day appear on a statement, there is now a preference to set which type of transaction (debit or credit) you would like to see appear first. This only applies to the first transactions in a Tenancy on one date. Default set to show transactions by date as they appear in tenancy ledger, but can be changed to preference in System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters > StatementOrder > DRCR (if you want debits to appear first) or CRDR (if you want credits to appear first).

  • Monthly option available in Direct Debit screen: Previously only Weekly or Fortnightly, the Monthly Direct Debit option is now available for users who debit their payments directly from their Client's bank accounts. Available in Tenancy Screen > Direct Debit Details > Monthly.
  • Tenancy Deposit Reports added: Found in Reports and Exports > Reports > Tenancies > Deposit Report and Deposit Report Summary
  • 'NDIS' Button renamed to 'Disability': Fields renamed as they are used by both New Zealand and Australian users. Home > Clients > Manage Client > Client screen or Home > Properties > Manage Properties > Property Screen
  • 'Referral Type' column added to the Manage Client Notes screen: For exporting/reporting. Home > Clients > Client Notes
  • 'City' and 'Region' columns to Arrears Management screen: For filtering by addresses or City housed. Home > Tenancies > Arrears Management.
  • Option to Not Transfer Arrears: In some situations you may not wish to carry over arrears from a previous tenancy when the tenant enters a new property. There is now the ability to do so.
  • BPAY details changed: Details under BPAY read "Telephone Internet Banking", changed to "Telephone & Internet Banking". Home > Tenancies > Bulk Email Statements
  • Export Manage Tenancies: If all filtering was removed from the manage tenancy screen you can see all records including inactive tenancies. If you then click export the inactive tenancies were not exported. These records are now included in the export.

Bug Fixes:

  • Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > Export: Error #3061 Too few parameters.  Expected 6. - fixed.
  • Reports & Exports> NSW Reports> FACS AHO Reporting> AHO Monthly Occupant output file member_type was incorrect in some circumstances. Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > VIC Reports > THM Report issue of multiple VT periods in the month - fixed.
  • Finance> Tenancy Balances screen filtered to include vacated tenancies was not exporting vacated records. Fixed.
  • Reports & Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser >Victorian Regulatory System (VRS) > KPM 8 Evictions > Template incorrectly had a filter of Active = True. Fixed.
  • Reports & Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser >Victorian Regulatory System (VRS) > KPM 3.3 showing Programs with blank KPM type - Fixed. 
  • Reports & Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser > National Regulatory System (NRS) > 6.1.2 Num vacant untenantable tenancy units fixed to report  "Total number of tenancy units including all occupied and vacant tenantable, vacant untenantable, vacant (other) at 30 June". Fixed.
  • WordMergeClient.txt did not show Dependant's Details. Fixed.
  • Increased the width of columns in the reports 'Rent in Arrears' and 'Rent in Arrears (shortened) so that large figures are no longer displayed as ####
  • If there were single or double quotes in the Property Notes field, PIMS could not process this as it came up as an unrecognized character. Fixed.
  • When copying a Maintenance Task Note you were unable to search for anything on the table. Fixed.
  • Maintenance Task > Property Details button > Back > Blank Work Order - fixed.
  • Maintenance Task > Property Details button > Back > error - Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser > NRS 2.2.3 Non urgent repair request - #Name? showing for columns Within1 and Within14 - Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser > NRS> showing duplicate values in 6.1.11 and 6.1.12 - Fixed. 
  • Reports and Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser > KPM 4.1, 4.2, 8.2 # 3061 Error - fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser > KPM 10.2 fMaintenance!cPropertyIDFilter Error - Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser > KPM 8.1 edit wrong tenancy on doub
  • Client Screen - Age Bands not working for clients over 70. Fixed.
  • Inventory Items - In-active items not displaying on Manage Inventory Items Screen - Fixed.
  • Inventory Items - When trying to clone an item to a property that already has it, nothing happened. - Fixed
  • Bulk Print Statements - revised an error that allowed the user to click Print when no start/dates are selected
  • System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Export - error - fixed. 
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Transaction Detail (Date Range) - not able to select by criteria - fixed.
  • System Maintenance > Security > Selected User Functions - blank and not working - fixed
  • GL Export Screen: GLBalanceAcctCode for Bond txns not being remembered - Fixed. 
  • GL Export Screen: Unable to edit GLCode for GL type TENCIA - Fixed.
  • Property Maintenance Cyclical Maintenance Tasks, Urgent Field Overwritten - Fixed.
  • HPF Report  - Error running report - Fixed.
  • Manage Screens not refreshing when changes are made - Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > Occupancy Calculation - If multiple calculations were run without exiting the screen, only the last 3 would save - Fixed.
  • Properties > Clone Inventory Items - When cloning a 'safety' item (e.g. smoke alarm) the quantity would not be cloned - Fixed.
  • Manage Tenancies - When exporting an unfiltered list of tenants only active tenancies would appear in the export. - Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > VIC Reports > HPF Reporting - When the HPF Report is run a debug menu appears - Fixed.
  • System Maintenance - Cyclical Maintenance not populating WOs with tenant details, estimated cost & scheduled completion date - Fixed.
  • Tenancy > Reporting button > Re-let Vacant Untenantable field not automatically ticking if untenantable period is before the occupancy calculation period - Fixed.
  • Reports and Exports > VIC Reports > HPF Reporting - Unable to modify the start and end dates - Fixed.
  • Occupancy Calculation > only records last 3 calculations when doing multiple calculations. Fixed.

Environment Enhancements

  • Single Sign-On - now available to be customised for customers who wish to integrate with Chintaro using SSO (contact support).
  • Ability to send emails via SMTP rather than Outlook.




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