Chintaro records the Owners of your properties so that their information can be stored in the database, and reports can be grouped by and provided to them.

Each property screen has an Owner field on the left side of the screen, in the General section.

This solution details how to add a new owner to Chintaro, how to edit an existing owner or how to add or change an owner on a Property.

Adding a new Property Owner to Chintaro

To add a new Property Owner to Chintaro, from the Home Screen, click Properties, then click Property Owners and the Manage Owners screen will appear:

To add a new Owner, click the Add Owner button and a blank owner screen appears:

Enter the appropriate information of your owner in the General section and click Exit to save the record.  
Editing an existing Property Owner
From the Manage Owners screen (Home > Properties > Property Owners) double click on the row of the owner you'd like to edit the details of and the individual owner screen will appear:
Edit the information as required, and click Exit to save.

Adding or changing an Owner on a Property

To add or change the owner selected on a property, open the Property screen that you wish to edit. On the left hand side of the screen, in the General section, look for the Owner field:

Use the drop down arrow in the field to select the correct owner, or swap the owner to another in the list:

Exit the screen to save.

Property Owners eLearning Video