In Chintaro (v6.1.21 or later) includes the Queensland CHAFR Report. Producing the CHAFR Report from Chintaro will populate the ATT (B) worksheet with the Planned Maintenance Forecast and Total Days Vacant in 2016-2017 column. The Planned Maintenance that will come through in this report will be any maintenance task with either Program or Planned in the name and is greater than $5000. This solution details how to set up and run the CHAFR Report in Chintaro.

Before you run the CHAFR Report

Before you run the CHAFR Report, you need to ensure that you have the CHAFR Report template in your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Data\Templates folder:

If you do not have the report template in your Templates folder, download the template from the bottom of this Solution, and copy it in to your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. 

Before you run the CHAFR Report, you will also need to ensure each Program has an 'Allocation Type'.

From the Home Screen, click System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Program:

If your Programs have no Allocation Type, select an Allocation Type type for each Program by clicking in the Allocation Type box on the row of the Program. Drop the list down and select the applicable Allocation Type (either Affordable, BPSC Leased, General or Supported):

Repeat the previous step for all Programs:

Running the CHAFR Report

Once you have selected an Allocation Type for all Programs, click the Home button to return to the Home Screen, then click Reports and Exports> QLD Reports> CHAFR Report. The Queensland CHAFR Report will open:

The Start Date of Financial Year will default to 1/7/2016 and the End Date of Financial Year will default to 30/6/2017. 

Select an Output Folder by clicking the box with 3 dots, and navigating to somewhere on your PC (EG Desktop). The Output Filename will default to CHAFReport, but you can edit this name by clicking in the box and changing the name manually.

Select the Programs you would like to include in the report from the Report Program Filters box so they appear highlighted black. NOTE: This is a multi select box, where you can select more than 1 program:

Click Create Report. Chintaro will advise the report has been created successfully:

If you have no data in your CHAFR Report

If you have run the CHAFR Report and the Maintenance sections are not populated, please contact Chintaro Support at