Chintaro Version 6.1.10 or later includes a screen that is used to produce the fortnightly IRRS Report. 

If you have version 6.1.10 or later, you will not need to update to the latest version

If you have version 6.1.09 or earlier, you will need to update to the latest version of Chintaro. Instructions on how to do this are found here: Updating Patch Instructions/ Downloading and Installing the Latest Version of Chintaro

1. Download the IRRSSchedule.xlsx template

After all PCs have been updated to Chintaro version 6.1.10 or later, you will need to download the IRRSSchedule.xlsx template (attached at the bottom of this Solution). Copy the IRRSSchedule.xlsx template from your Downloads folder, and paste it in your Chintaro/Data/Templates folder.

Double click the template to open. Enter your Organisation's Provider Name and Contract Reference in the Template Fields (do not fill out any other fields): 

Save the template and close.

2. Ensure the IRRS box is ticked on each Tenancy Record that has IRRS

Double click on your Chintaro icon and log in.

All Tenancy records have an IRRS? tick box in the General section. You must ensure that each Tenant included in the IRRS Report has the IRRS tick box flagged (below): 

 NOTE: You can filter the Tenancy Search Screen by the IRRS column to see which Tenants have this box flagged. 

3. Run the IRRS Report

From the Home Screen, go to Reports and Exports> NZ Reports> IRRS Reporting. This will open the IRRS Reporting screen:

Enter the start date of the report in the Start Date field. When you enter a Start Date and press <TAB> on your keyboard, the End Date will default to 14 days after the Start Date:

Next, select where you would like the IRRS Report to save to in the Output Folder field. Use thebutton to navigate the folder you want to save the report to. You are then able to change the Output Filename: 

Individually select the Programs that you want to run the report for. Those selected will become highlighted black:

When you're ready, click . The IRRS Report will open and populate with data, and when the report is complete, you will see a message that advises the REPORT NAME created successfully:

Go to where you saved the report in the Output Folder, double click to open the report and complete the other required fields: