What's new in 6.1.23

Modified on Fri, 14 Sep 2018 at 03:05 PM

Use this solution to see the system enhancements and bug fixes included in Chintaro V6.1.23.

Home Screen Enhancement

'What's coming up?' Solution: Users can now see what Chintaro Support have planned in the development pipeline for the next 2 releases by clicking this link: 

Search Screen Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the main Search Screens (Manage Clients, Manage Properties, Manage Tenancies, Manage Maintenance Tasks, Manage Tradespeople):

Ability to Save View for data when entering Search Screen (saved to individual Chintaro log in): Ability to filter data on search screen and save the view so that every time you open the screen, it will open to your filtered selection. An example of this is if you would like to only see the Tenancies in your Program, or by your name in the Tenancy Manager column. Filter the Search Screen to how you would like to see it every time it is opened, and click Save View. The search screen will open to your filtered selection until it is changed again, and the Save View is clicked again (example below is filtered to Program = Group Housing, Save View, screen opens to only Properties which have 'Group Housing' as the Program). Clicking 'Show All' will show all again:

This view can be applied to multiple columns if required (for example Tenancy Manger + Program).

Note Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Note Functions:

'Sticky' Notes: Ability to pin multiple notes to appear at the top of the Notes list by date. This is useful if there are notes made for a Client/Property/Tenant/Maintenance Task/Tradesperson that are important, and need to be seen each time a user logs in to an individual screen (EG Client Screen, Maintenance Task Screen, etc):


Finance Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Finance Functions:

Multi Bank Import screens - Tenancy Comments visible when Tenancy selected: Useful for if payment arrangements/splits have been changed by Tenancy Managers and Finance need to know how to allocate payments:

New General Ledger Format added - Dynamics RISE

Manage Tenancy Transactions search screen: Added the column Payment Method.

Manage Tenancy Balances screen: Added the columns Cost Centre and Bond Balance.

Property Maintenance Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Property Maintenance Functions:

Maintenance Task Screen: Clicking Property Details will take you straight to the Property Screen:

Inventory Item screen: Estimated Amount field added:

Inventory Item screen: Added the Order Number column to the Maintenance Schedule:

Inventory Item Screen: When updating a field on the Inventory Item screen, Chintaro will now ask you if you would like to update all Active Maintenance Tasks with the change:

Tradesperson Screen: Added ability to select multiple Trade Types for each Tradesperson:

Ability to see and filter the Tradesperson Search Screen and Save the View for all columns so that when you enter the screen, only those options that have been saved will show - Trade Type 'Includes' in example below:

Tradesperson Screen: Ability to Save View' of all sections on the Tradesperson's screen to how you would like to see all sections such as Save View of Compliance Details (EG By Expiry Date, Licence Type, Hide/Unhide Columns, etc), Save View of Properties were Preferred, Save View of Maintenance Schedule and Save View of Notes). Each 'Save View' will apply to your Chintaro log on only:

Tradesperson screen: The Actual Completion Date, Invoice Number and Actual Cost fields to the Tradesperson screen under the Maintenance Tasks heading:

Maintenance Task screen: When selecting a Trade Type, only Tradespeople with that type selected will appear in the list:

Maintenance Task screen: Copy This Task function will now close the current task and open the new copied task.

Tradesperson, Property and Property Maintenance Notes: Added functionality to 'Copy This Note'.

Columns added to Manage Maintenance Tasks search screen: 

  • Scheduled Completion
  • Actual Completion
  • Invoice Paid
  • Tenant’s confirmation
  • GL Batch No
  • Invoice #
  • Completed Satisfactorily
  • Confirmed for Payment
  • Work Completed
  • Estimated Cost, Budget Cost, Actual Cost
  • Change ‘Item Name’ name to ‘Inventory Item’ for consistency 
  • City

Columns added to Manage Inventory Items search screen: 

  • Purchase Date (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Purchase Price (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Replacement Date (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Replacement Cost (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Warranty Expiry (from Inventory Item in Property)

Tenancy Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to screens in the Tenancy Menu:

Columns added to Tenancy Letters screen: 

  • Tags
  • Alerts

Columns added to Tenancy SMS screen:

  • Tenancy Manager
  • Payment Book ID

Client Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to screens in the Client Menu:

Client Notes screen: Added the column Target Group.

System Maintenance Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the System Maintenance Functions:

SetSecurity added to Tenancies Search and Properties Search: Added to forms to allow restricting user access to buttons.

Reference Table - Bank Account: New Bank Format ID written for ASB - ASB BCHT

Maint.txt Word Merge: Added <<TradeCompliance>> field, which will populate with any compliance licences that have expired (will not show for licences that are current):

WordMergeWaterCharge.txt: Added <<WaterUseDescription3>> and <<WaterUseAmount3>> fields to text file. 

All Manage screens: The blue columns in the search screens let you know which columns are 'Quickfind fields'. Quickfind fields in Chintaro allow you to type directly into any field to search the column.

Show Room Status on Home Screen: Preference added to be able to see overview of all Room Status's on Home Screen (taking the place of Overdue Maintenance):

Preference located in System Maintenance > Preferences > System > Show Room Status = Yes.

Reports and Exports Enhancements

The following reports have been included - brackets indicate organisation's acronym who requested report/export:

  • Reports and Exports > Reports > Finance > Accrued Rent/NonRent Chg and Pymnt Sum (To Date) - Active/Vacated included (SAH)
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Finance > Accrued Rent/NonRent Chg and Pymnt Sum (Range) (SAH)
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Finance > Accrued Rent/NonRent Chg and Pymnt Sum (To Date) (SAH)
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Property and Maintenance > Property Type by Program Type (SCTS)
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Vacancy Report - Reasons for Leaving (PY)
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Lease Report (IFYS)
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > WA Quarterly Habitat Report (SCC)
  • Reports and Exports > VIC Reports > HPF Report - Detail option added, to include Non Rent Charged and Non Rent Collected columns (SAH).
  • Reports and Exports > NZ Reports > IRRS Reporting > added Cost Centre and Owner to the report.

Insights Reporting Added: Screens and parameters added to run Chintaro Insights. More information will become available when Chintaro Insights is officially released. 

Bug Fixes

  • Tenancy Screen > Reporting Tab - Typo in 'CHACA Need Support, received support from provider' field - fixed.
  • View Bank Accounts screen wasn't showing a Tenant's name if they had been vacated and re-tenanted elsewhere. This has now been fixed.
  • When searching in a Manage Search screen Quickfind field from Chintaro Cloud on a Web Browser, the letters that were typed were strange characters. This has now been fixed.
  • Tenancy Letters screen > tParameter Value error if the sort order was set to the Tenancy Start Date - fixed.
  • Manual Bank Processing / 2 Line screens - Transactions processed with no date - fixed (now displays a message that you must enter a date)
  • WordMergeTenancy.txt <<Balance>> was changing to US date format - fixed to AUS/NZ format. 
  • Exports for Accrued Rent/NonRent Crg and Payment Sum (To Date) and (Range) error 3464 Data Type mismatch - fixed. 
  • FHL Property Maintenance KPI Export error - fixed.
  • HPF Calculation - did not factor Returned Date of Property - fixed.
  • HPF Report (SAH Version) - Opening Balance column changed to give balance as at day before first day of period.
  • When creating a Maintenance Task and need to change Property, Tenant Details (names/phone) now change to new Property.
  • MYOB V19 Export Rounding Issue - fixed
  • Chintaro Cloud - searching by Quickfind in Web Browser - funny characters (wingdings) appeared - fixed.
  • Update Property/Tenancy Manager (bulk) - date last changed - fixed.
  • Bulk Email Statements -  changed to TenancyID rather than the uSysID.ID.
  • Occupancy Data Report calculation error - fixed and improved.
  • Water Charge Receipts were getting an error message - fixed.
  • When going from the Arrears Management screen to a Tenancy and then running an arrears word merge - users recieved an error message saying that the tenant is not in arrears. Fixed.
  • Report - Tenancies - THM Continuation - Vacated was getting an error message - fixed.
  • Report - Tenancies - Rent In Arrers (Concise) was getting an error message - fixed.
  • Financial Status All (As At Today) report was not calculating correctly - fixed.

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