Each property screen has a number of blue buttons on the top of the screen that allow you to enter additional information and perform other functions.

Additional functions

Inspections: Is a record of the previous and current scheduled Inspections for the Property.

Mortgage: Is used to record the Mortgage details for 2 mortgagees.

Insurance: Is used to record the insurance details of a Property.

Lease: Is a record of the Lease details of the Property, if your Organisation is leasing the Property from an owner, the State Government, a Real Estate agency, etc. 

Rates: Is used to record how much the council and water rates are for the Property, and when they are due.

Reporting: Is used to enter the information needed for various reports. 

NDIS: Is used to enter the information that will be produced if you need to run the NRS Report. 

Insulation:  Is used to record Insulation information pertaining to the property for NZ users.

Maintenance: Is a record of all Active and Inactive Maintenance Tasks (Work Orders) for the Property. 

Forecast: Is a record of all Forecast Maintenance Tasks for the Property.

Additional Details:  Is used to record additional Property details for fields not commonly accessed.

Other Rooms: A screen used to record the other rooms in a Property - not often used and cannot be reported on.

Room Details: Is the screen’s default view.  

Property Transactions: Ledger for Properties, showing Accumulated Rent, Centrepay Fees, Maintenance costs, etc.

Property screen additional functions eLearning Video