The Navision Import screen is used to import an invoice file from Navision to Chintaro, to create Maintenance Tasks from the data in the file.

1. To import the Navision invoice in to Chintaro, from the Home Screen> Property Maintenance> Navision Import:


2. The NAV Import Invoice screen will open:

3. Select the Navision file using the ellipsis button in the Import Filename field. 

4. The Trades Person field will default to a Tradesperson in your system. If this is not the correct Trades Person, select the correct Tradesperson using the drop down list.

5. Click Import File at the top of the screen.

6. The Processing Messages box will update. If the Processing Messages says 'Import Completed without Errors', the information in the file has matched Chintaro successfully:

7. You will now be able to create Work Orders for each line in the imported invoice, by clicking the Create Work Orders button:

8. Chintaro will advise you that '# Work Orders created':

9. Return to the Property Maintenance menu by clicking the back button, and then select Manage Property Maintenance:


The Manage Property Maintenance screen will open, which contains the Maintenance Tasks you have previously created in the Navision Import screen. Double click on a record to open the Maintenance Task:

Details that will be populated from the Navision Import, are:

Property Details
Inventory Item

Maintenance Type

Room (If applicable)

Works Type - If a new Works Type has been identified by Navision, this will automatically update in your Works Type Reference Table.


Urgency - If a new Urgency code is identified by Navision, the new Urgency type will automatically update in your Urgency Reference Table.


Reported Date

Order Number

Tradesman's(Sub Contractors) Order Number

If you click Completion Details, you will also see the Actual Completion Date, Invoice Number and the Actual Cost added:

NOTE: Unlike Mainstream Chintaro, (where an Actual Completion Date will make the Maintenance Task Inactive), all Maintenance Tasks will show as Active with an Actual Completion Date.

If the file has imported with Errors - Error: PROPERTYID not found. Record Ignored.

If you have completed Steps 1-5 (Clicked Import File) but you cannot create Work Orders due to the error PROPERTYID not found. Record Ignored, there is an error with the data provided in the Navision file.

In this example, Chintaro cannot link the Property Name with the TRC Property ID Number on the Property Record, resulting in no data being shown in the Property Name column of the import:

You will not be able to click Create Work Orders.

To view which Property has the Property Name missing, right click on any column heading in the screen, and left click 'Unhide Fields':



Tick the box next to Site Address, to activate the Site Address column:

Make a note of the TRC Property ID number and the Site Address, and go to the Properties search screen to search for the Property. When you have found the Property, check the Property ID (ISIP) is correct.

Go back to Property Maintenance> Navision Import and repeat the import process (Steps 1-8).

When you import the file, the Process Messages should show as Import Completed Without Errors:

Error: Import Completed WITH ERRORS - ERROR INVOICE NUMBER ######

If you have completed Steps 1-5 (Clicked Import File) but you cannot create Work Orders due to the error ERROR Invoice Number ##### has already been processed, the Navision file has already been processed in Chintaro.