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The Victorian Regulatory System (also known as the VRS or KPM) reporting is key reporting requirement of Victorian Community Housing Providers, and is used by the Housing Registrar to 'monitor and assess compliance and performance of registered agencies' (Department of Treasury and Finance 2016).

The data required for reporting on several Key Performance Measures (KPMs) is captured in Chintaro, and made visible via the Reporting Analyser screen. The totals provided by this screen are then keyed in manually to the Housing Registrar Online business system, CHiMES.

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How do I prepare Chintaro to report on the VRS/KPM? 

This solution assumes the preparation to use the VRS has been completed, please review this solution for more information on how to setup Chintaro for VRS reporting - Preparing Chintaro for the VRS / KPM Housing Registrar Report

What information does the Housing Registrar need?

There are several categories of reporting requirements for the Housing Registrar - the following are captured in Chintaro:


Other KPM's are not captured in Chintaro as they relate to matters other than housing, such as Governance and Financial Reporting.

Interpreting the data in the Reporting Analyser

To open the Reporting Analyser (where the KPM data is now kept), from the Home screen, click Reports and Exports, then Reporting Analyser. 

Firstly, you will want to ensure that the dates in Start Date and End Date selected align with the period you need to report on. Also ensure that the Occupancy Calculation text is in green. 

If the Occupancy Calculation Latest text is red, the period you have selected has not had the Occupancy Calculation run  (for more detail see Running the Occupancy Calculation)

Next, navigate to the Victorian Regulatory System (VRS) heading and click on the the green + symbol next to the report name to expand the KPM's available:

Click on the + symbol next to the KPM number you wish to report on and it will show each of the specific metrics expanded. Then, click on the text of the metric you require, which will become bold blue, and the data section will populate with the relevant data:

The total at the top of the screen is the reportable result for the metric. Use this value to key into the CHiMES portal for the relevant KPM:

Below the KPM name, there is a description box explaining how the data has been calculated and in central window you will see the data points that has been used to determine this calculation.

Should you wish to interrogate the data displayed, a double click on the row will take you to the relevant record for your review or editing.

If you require assistance with the Reporting Analyser or KPM Results

Please raise a ticket with with a screenshot and a description of your issue and we will assist you.

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