If you have imported a statement or manually keyed in payments in to the bank screens and a Tenant Payment's haven't split as you would have expected, it could be for one of several reasons. This solution details some of the reasons why a payment would't split as you would have expected.

The Tenant hasn't paid enough money to cover rent and the split

When a Tenant has an agreement to pay you one amount, that will be split to a rent payment and another payment (EG Water Payment, Damages Payment, etc), Chintaro will always try and split the rent first, then if it has money left over after making a full rent payment it will look in the Tenancy > Payment Arrangements function and how to allocate the rest of the payment. 

One of the most common reasons why a payment split hasn't worked, is because the Tenant hasn't paid enough money to cover both the rent and the split, so Chintaro can only allocate money to rent.

In the below example, George Harrison is being charged $460.00 per fortnight for rent, and has an additional payment split for water for $20.00 a fortnight:

In order for this split to work, we would have had to receive at least $480.00 to cover both rent and water. 

The latest payment from George was $420.00 which didn't even cover the rent, so Chintaro only made a rent payment of the amount it could, and ignored the water payment:

The Payment Split has been set up incorrectly

If a Tenant has paid enough money to cover a week's worth of rent and the split, but it hasn't split correctly, it could be that the payment split was set up as 'Fortnightly' instead of 'Weekly'.

In this case, Chintaro thinks that it is expecting a payment of $460.00 + $20.00 = $480.00 but it has only received $240 ($230 Rent + $10.00 Water). If a split has been set up as Fortnightly, but a payment is for a week, it thinks it's expecting $480.00 for the split for both rent and water, but it only received $240 which is not enough to cover the rent for a fortnight, so it will forget about the split and only make the rent payment.

To fix this, you can send the incorrect transaction to the buffer account and re-key in 2 transactions (1 for rent and 1 for the split), or you can delete the batch that contains the payment, change the frequency of the Payment Arragement to weekly and re-import the file again (below). Contact support@chintaro.com.au for further assistance with this if you'd like help.

The Payment Split has not been set up

If a Tenant has paid an amount above their rent amount but the entire amount has gone to rent, check that a Payment Arrangement has been set up by opening the Tenancy and clicking 'Payment Arrangements'

If there is nothing in this section, Chintaro assumes all money is to be allocated to rent. 

Click here to set up a payment split (ongoing splits for the life of the Tenancy) or a payment arrangement (with a set amount to be paid off, and once it's paid off, Chintaro will stop splitting the payment EG Damages).

The payment was entered manually in to the Tenancy screen

If a payment is entered in to the Tenancy screen by clicking 'Enter Transaction', Chintaro can't determine if the payment needs to be split or not:

If you are entering payments directly in to the Tenancy, you will need to enter as many transactions as there are for splits (for example, if a Tenant gives you money for their rent plus extra, enter the rent payment as one transaction, and the other splits individually by transaction type until all money is allocated to the Tenant).

If you have checked all of the above and the Tenant's payments are still not splitting correctly

Please contact support@chintaro.com.au for further assistance.