You are able to enter payments manually in to Chintaro if you receive a limited number of payments from the Bank, and would prefer to enter the payments manually rather than download the Bank Statement to import. Use the 2 Line screen if your Tenants have splits in their payments. 


To manually enter payments in to Chintaro, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Bank Functions and then click Manual Bank Processing.


The Manual Bank Processing screen will open:


The steps to enter payments manually are listed in order from 1-4.


1.  Select Bank Account: Select the Bank Account that the payments will be processed for. Ensure you select the correct Bank Account if you are entering Bank payments.


2.   Enter the Bank Transactions and select the correct Tenancies, marking all records that will generate a Rent Payment: Enter the date of the transaction and the total amount in the amount field. You are able to add a description for the transaction, however if nothing is entered in to the Description field, Paid into Bank (Today’s DATE) will appear on the Tenancy ledger. Select the Tenant from the drop down list.  Enter the Rent Component, and the Other Amount (EG Furniture payment, Utilities payment, etc.). Select the Credit Transaction Type, if the other amount is entered. 

NOTE: If you have a Tenant with splits and you are entering an amount that is less than Rent but does equal the exact amount of one or more splits, Chintaro will allocate the money to the splits, and skip the rent. For example, Alex Lifeson has 3 splits totalling $30:


3.  Generate Payments and Transfer to Bank Account: Once all payments have been entered, click

Chintaro will advise you the number of Rent Payments, Other Credits, Bond and Property Fee Transactions Generated to the Tenancy Records, and that the Transactions have been transferred to the Bank Account.


If you enter payments in to the Manual Bank Processing screen and exit out of the screen, when you go back in you will be asked if you want to retain the existing records. Click Yes to retain, or No to delete



If you are entering payments that have multiple other changes, use the Manual Bank Processing 2 Line screen.