Use this Solution if you have had your Tenant's balances converted by Chintaro, and you need to set up Payment Split(s)/ Arrangement(s) before you import your Tenant's payments.

A Payment Split with split every time a payment is made. This is sometimes used to build up a credit, if there is no charge (EG If a Tenant wants to pay an extra $10 per week to build up a credit for water/utilities/etc).

A Payment Arrangement is when there is a debit to be paid off, and once that debt is paid off, Chintaro will stop splitting the payments.

Adding a Payment Split to a Tenancy

To tell Chintaro how to split the payments received, click the  function.


The Payment Arrangements function will open:

  • Balance: Displays the Tenant’s current balance of both Rent & Non-Rent charges.

  • Frequency: Tick the relevant payment frequency for your Tenant (either weekly or fortnightly).

  • Transaction Type: Is used to indicate what type of payment the split will be (EG Garden Payment)

  • Amount: The dollar figure of the split.

  • Start Date: The date the split will start from. 

  • Comments: Enter any relevant comments about the split.

Enter the above fields to match the charge you have entered for the Tenant.


You can set up to 5 payment splits in Chintaro. 

Adding a Payment Arrangement to a Tenancy

Open a Tenancy that has a payment split you need to add (Home Screen> Tenancies> Manage Tenancies> double click Tenant's name).

To add a Payment Arrangement/Split, click

Select a Transaction Type from the drop down list. The options in the Transaction Type drop down list are divided in to two sections: Payment Type & Arrangement (Yes or No).

When selecting the Transaction Type of an Arrangement, where it previously said Transaction Type, it will now say Arrangement Type. The Debt To Be Paid Off has come through from the Tenancy Transactions ledger, and there are fields for Forecast number of payments & Forecast last payment date.


Enter the Amount that the Tenant has agreed to pay per week/fortnight (see Frequency).

Click <TAB> to show the

Enter the Start Date. The Start Date will default to today’s date, and if entered as today, the Arrangement Split will take effect in the next payment cycle. 

Click <TAB> to show the

Add any Additional Comments in the comments section.


 will now show on the Tenancy Record.