Arrangements are made with Tenants when you need to charge them for things like Tenant Damage, Water Charges or Key Replacement Charges, and the Tenant has requested to pay the charge over time.

An arrangement is where a charge such as a Key Replacement Charge will be paid off over time, and when the money owing has been paid in full, the Arrangement will finish and the payments will no longer be applied to that Arrangement.

Once the money has been paid back, Chintaro will stop splitting the payment towards this Arrangement. This differs from a payment for utilities or another charge, where the payment is ongoing.

Setting up Payments Arrangements & Splits

Before you are able to use Payment Arrangements and Splits in Chintaro, you will need to set the Transaction Types via System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Transaction Type.

Specify the Transaction Types (Payments Only) which can be split, by ticking the Split column for each Transaction type that can be split. 

For those split payments that will have a corresponding charge (EG AN Arrangement) you must also tick the Arrangement column. 
If you have the Arrangement column ticked, Chintaro needs to know what the ID of the corresponding Charge transaction is. The ID is found in the 2nd column. The ID of the corresponding Charge is entered in the Arrangement Charge ID column.

For example: The Tenant Maintenance Payment is a Split transaction. It has a corresponding Tenant Maintenance Charge, so it is also an Arrangement. The ID of the corresponding Charge is 13, so 14 is entered in the Arrangement Charge ID column.

Entering a Payment Arrangement for a Tenant

First, the Tenancy needs to be charged by entering a transaction in to the Tenancy Transactions ledger. Click and enter the details of the transaction like the example below:

Click  and the charge will now be shown in the Tenancy Transactions ledger.

To add a Payment Arrangement, click 

Select a Transaction Type from the drop down list. The options in the Transaction Type drop down list are divided in to two sections: Payment Type & Arrangement (Yes or No).

When selecting the Transaction Type of an Arrangement, where it previously said Transaction Type, it will now say Arrangement Type. The Debt To Be Paid Off has come through from the Tenancy Transactions ledger, and there are fields for Forecast number of payments Forecast last payment date.


Enter the Amount that the Tenant has agreed to pay per week/fortnight (see Frequency).

Click <TAB> to show the 

Enter the Start Date. The Start Date will default to today’s date, and if entered as today, the Arrangement Split will take effect in the next payment cycle. 

Click <TAB> to show the 

Add any Additional Comments in the comments section.


 will now show on the Tenancy Record.

Payment Arrangements Screen

All Payment Arrangements can be monitored through the Arrangement screen.

From the Tenancies Sub-Menu, click Arrangements

A pop up box will open, advising you that the Arrangements screen may take some time to run. This may be the case if you have a lot of data in your system. 


Click Yes to proceed.

The Payment Arrangements screen will open.


Each horizontal line on the Payment Arrangements screen corresponds with an individual Arrangement. If a Tenant has more than one Arrangement, you will see multiple instances of their name on this screen.

Sort or filter this screen to view data by Property Name, Tenancy Manager, Split Type, Arrangement Status, etc. (See Solution: Using Search Screens in Chintaro for functionality).

 or  the data on the screen as required.