Chintaro has screens that allow you to import all of your bank files from the one screen, whilst still maintain individual Bank Accounts (EG. if you receive your Centrepay files and Bank files in separate files, both of these files can be imported in to the one screen).

Setting up your Bank Account/Centrepay Account in Chintaro

When you are setting up your bank account in Chintaro, you will need to provide Chintaro Support ( with a sample bank file in CSV format. Chintaro Support will then determine what your Bank Format ID is in Chintaro, and will provide you with this ID. 

1. To enter the Bank Format ID in the system, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance > Reference Tables and selecting Bank Account from the Reference Table list on the left hand side of the screen:

2. Enter your Account Name as your Bank Name (EG Westpac) in the bottom row, in the box next to (New). 

Select the Bank Format ID provided by Chintaro Support in the Bank Format ID drop down list.


NOTE: If you have multiple accounts to import payments from it is important to ensure that the account name you select is distinguishable. 

NOTE: For the Centrepay account, select “Centrepay CSV” if this is not already entered. 

The 'Default' column will be automatically set to Centrepay. If this does not apply to your Organisation you may change the default account to the one that is applicable by unticking the box next to Centrepay and ticking the box next to the relevant account.

Direct Debit Processing

The other columns in the row relate to Direct Debit Processing and you only need to populate these columns if you intend to use this function. 


If you would like to set up Direct Debit Processing in Chintaro for your Organisation, please see this solution: How to use Direct Debit Processing

If you need help with setting up your Bank Account in Chintaro

If you require assistance in setting up your Bank account or selecting a Bank Format ID please email Chintaro Support at