If you are using the Property Inspection Manager (PIM) app to perform your inspections, there are a few settings you need to enable before you will be able to import scheduled inspections from Chintaro in to PIM, and export the data out of the PIM app and back in to Chintaro.

1.  Once you have downloaded the PIM app, tap 'Settings' at the bottom of the screen:

2. Tap 'About the App and Advanced Setup':

3. Go to the 'Chintaro Settings'. Tap the toggle on the right hand side to enable Chintaro (Beta):

4. The toggle will turn on (green) and a message will appear. Click OK to this message:

5. You will be prompted with a 'Password Protected' pop up. You will need to enter the password of C2015

NOTE: This password is case sensitive. You must enter the c as a capital letter. 

Click OK when you have entered the password. 

6. You will be prompted the Chintaro functionality has now been enabled in PIM.

NOTE: If you have not yet contact Chintaro Support for a private web server database, please contact support@chintaro.com.au before attempting inspections.