If you wish to send SMS's from Chintaro, you first need to create an account with a third party SMS provider. Chintaro currently supports several Third Party SMS providers, all of which are as follows: 

SMS Broadcast
Direct SMS
Burst SMShttp://www.burstsms.com.au/    http://www.burstsms.co.nz
Telstra Integrated Messaging
My Net Fone
Message Media
Bulletin Messenger
SMS Global    www.smsglobal.com/

Once you have an account set up with one of the above providers, you will need to find the API information (username and password) for your account from the SMS provider's website and enter it into Chintaro.

Setting up an SMS Account 

This section details how to set up an account with one provider - SMS Broadcast. The steps involved in creating an account may differ slightly with every SMS provider. 

1. Go to the website (www.smsbroadcast.com.au) and create an account. You will need to put some credit on the account before you can send SMS's.

2. Take a note of the Username and Password you created your account with as you will need to enter this information in to Chintaro.

Entering the SMS setup information into Chintaro

In Chintaro, from the Home Screen > System Maintenance > Preferences > SMS:

Select the SMSProvider (3rd Party Provider) from the drop down list. 

Enter the SMSUserID as the Username from your SMS Provider's website. 

Enter the SMS Password as the password from your SMS Provider's website.

The SMS Sender (Default) field is the name of your Organisation that will appear on the SMS when your Client/Tenant/Tradesperson receives it. You are limited to 11 letters or numbers in this field, and you cannot use special characters or spaces.

Enter a number in the SMS Limit field if you wish to set a limit to the number of SMS's that can be sent out at once from a Bulk SMS screen.

Enter the SMS Subscription ID if your SMS Provider requires you to enter this information. 

Exit the screen. You are now ready to send SMS's from Chintaro.

If you require further support with SMS's, please contact support@chintaro.com.au