Chintaro allows you to use a specific template for Water Charge transactions, which includes word merge fields that relate to water consumption.

1. Download the template file from the bottom of this solution save it into your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder.

2.  Link the template to the Chintaro Water Charge. To do this go to System Maintenance>Preferences and click on the Tenancies Rent tab. 

3.Then choose the from the Water Charge Template drop down. If it’s not in the list, you haven’t saved the downloaded file in the correct folder:

4. You will then need to enable the Water Charge function in Chintaro. To do this, go to System Maintenance>Preferences and click on the Finance tab.

5. Then choose the Water Charge Transaction Type as Water Charge from the Water Charge Txn Type drop down. 

6. When you go to the Tenancy Screen you will now see an extra button in the Tenancy Transactions Ledger for 'Enter Water Charge':

7. Click this when you want to enter a Water Transaction and you will see the form below, which allows you to enter Water specific fields (as well as the normal transaction fields):

8. After you have entered a Water Charge for a Tenant, you are able to double click on the transaction in the ledger to open and view the details. You are also able to print an invoice for the Tenant, by clicking the 'Print' button: