If you have imported a bank or Centrepay file and you have received an error message of Error #3315 DAO.Recordset Field 'tTxnBankTempAuto.Match' cannot be a zero-length string, it could mean several things:

There is a problem with data in the bank file 

When providing the data in the file, the bank may have not entered a value in a field that requires a value (even if that is 0) and this is resulting in a 'zero length string' error.

Please send your file to support@chintaro.com.au so that we can identify the issue, rectify it and send your fixed file back to you to import.

You have the incorrect Bank Format ID to import the file in to

Each bank differs in the formatting of the columns in their files. Some banks differ between branches, or account types and Chintaro accommodates for this by including numerous bank format ID's to read your specific file.

The Bank Format ID's are listed in System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Bank Account:

Your screen will most likely have 1-5 bank accounts listed. To change the Bank Format ID, select a different format from the Bank Format ID drop down list, then go back to Finance > Bank Functions > Multi Bank Processing (2 Line) and import the file again. Repeat if this error persists, or send your file to support@chintaro.com.au if you could like us to test the correct Bank Format ID for you.