Changes to Chintaro Version 6.1.19 include:

Transaction Groups: Tenancy Transactions ledger now includes the Balances for Transaction Groups (EG Rent, Water, Car Parking, etc).  Click here to see the Solution for Tenancy Transactions Ledger - Balances and Transaction Groups. Click the following solution to view instructions for Setting Up Transaction Groups. The Tenancy Transactions ledger also now includes a Running Balance on the right hand side. 

Bulletin Update: Increased functionality; ability to add hyperlinks to websites and folders on your network. Click the following hyperlink to see the solution for the Bulletin Update

Direct Debit Splits: When a Direct Debit file is created, Chintaro will now split the Direct Debit payment for those Tenants with splits. 

Payment Arrangements: In previous, if a Tenant had a Payment Arrangement, rent would take priority and Chintaro would always take amount out for rent first. This was a problem when Tenant's paid separately for rent and their other charge (EG Water). In V6.1.19, if a payment is received that is less than the Rent amount, Chintaro will look for any splits that the Tenant has, and if the payment received equals the split amount and these figures match, it will allocate the amount to the payment split instead of automatically allocating to rent. 

Manage Tenancy and Bond Transactions: Just like Tenancy Transaction Screen, but includes Bond Transactions also. Good for Bank Reconciliation by filtering on Payments and Exporting Data. 

Added Word Merge Fields: All Transaction Group Fields. 

To view a demonstration for all of the changes (except the Bulletin Update) click the following link: 6.1.19, Transaction Groups, Tenancy Balances, Running Balances

To update to version 6.1.19, click the following hyperlink: Updating Patch Instructions/ Downloading and Installing the Latest Version of Chintaro