The Tenancy Transactions Ledger is a record of all of the financial transactions your Organisation has with an individual Tenancy. The ledger displays in the middle of the Tenancy Record with the most recent transaction at the top of the ledger. Transactions are either Debits (charges) or Credits (payments).

To view the Tenancy Transactions of a Tenant, from the Home Screen, click Tenancies, then Manage Tenancies, double click on the Tenant you wish to view the transactions for, and the Tenancy Transactions ledger appears in the middle of the screen:

Transaction Group Balances

A tenant's Transaction Group Balances will appear at the top of the screen to give the Chintaro user a clear indication of a Tenant's balances for both Rent and Non Rent transaction groups. NOTE: Your Chintaro System Administrator will need to set up Transaction Groups for you. Click the following link to see how to Set Up Transaction Groups

If the Tenant is in credit, the transaction group balance will appear in black and if the Tenant is in debit, the transaction group balance will appear in red. 

The balances for a Tenant who has only Rent transactions (and no Non Rent transactions) will appear as below:


Tenants who have Rent and Non Rent transactions groups will appear as below:


Tenants who have paid up to date are in credit, the transaction group balances will appear as black:


Up to 5 Transaction Group' balances will appear in this section, and balances will automatically increase or decrease when transactions for that transaction group are entered in to the ledger. The transaction group with the largest amount of debit will appear on the left and the credits (or the smallest amount of debits) will show on the right. Chintaro will calculate these figures in descending order from the left to right, and when payments are entered or rent is generated, these balances will update. For example, before a Transaction is entered:


When the Tenant made a payment of $212 towards gardening so the gardening balance moved down to the fourth place, and their Amenities balance moved to 3rd place as this is now a greater amount of debit:


Columns in Tenancy Transactions ledger
The columns in the Tenancy Transactions ledger are:

Date: The date of the transaction.

Txn Type: The Transaction type (payment or charge).

Comment: Information about the transaction.

Amount: The dollar figure of the transaction. Rent amounts (if paid in full) will correspond with the Latest Fortnightly Rent in the General section of the Tenancy Record. Payments will appear in black, and charges will appear in red.

Rent?: Indicates if the transaction is a Rent payment, or a Non-Rent payment.

Balance: Chintaro version 6.1.18 or later will include a running balance on the right hand side of the Tenancy Transactions Ledger. This will allow the Tenancy Manager to see the balance of the Tenancy on the date a charge or payment was entered.

The Total balance of the Tenancy Transactions Ledger will appear in the top right of the ledger. The Total will immediately show you if the Tenant is paid to date or is in arrears. If the Tenant is in arrears, the total will show in red, and  will also appear underneath the Tenants name.

When rent is generated (either for an individual Tenancy or in bulk for multiple Tenancies) Rent Charge transactions and Non-Rent Charge transactions will be displayed in the ledger. When payments are imported from Centrepay or a Bank Account, the transactions will be displayed in the ledger also.

Entering a Transaction Manually

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